Seven Mother’s Day Gifts for the Gluten-Free Mom

Mother’s Day is almost here, and we’ve picked out plenty of gluten-friendly gifts perfect for Mom – even if she insists you don’t have to get her anything. Start your gift search with this list, which showcases items that are both pragmatic and precious.

1. Emeril Lagasse Power Airfryer 360 

“Fry” your favorite foods with this all-in-one multi-use kitchen powerhouse. The super-heated air helps get dinner on the table fast with little to no oil, making this a time-saving, healthful pick for culinary-inclined Moms. Buy it here.

2. Once Upon a Book Club

Each month a gorgeous box will arrive at your front door, complete with a book handpicked by a group of book lovers. You will also receive three to five wrapped gifts to be opened at certain pages throughout the book. Get a subscription here. 


3. Viking Pressure Cooker

Prepare a variety of healthy meals in as a little as a third of the time with conventional cooking methods using this pressure cooker. It’s ideal for broths, soups, meats, chicken, veggies, beans, and much more. Buy it here.


4. teapigs tea

It’s all about the flavor with teapigs tea. Launched in 2006, the company prides itself on using quality, whole leaf tea. What sets teapigs apart is its roomy, biodegradable bag, which offers the whole leaves space to infuse properly. Buy it here. 


5. Make her a home-cooked meal with some wine

Wine, dine and delight her by pairing a favorite meal with a personally selected bottle of vino. Don’t know a Bordeaux from a Barolo? No problem. Here are some helpful hints to get you started before Mother’s Day. See here for tips. 




6. Take her out to her favorite restaurant

Treat her with a visit to her favorite restaurant, or maybe one she’s been curious to try. Before you go, read up on how to avoid gluten and make the most of the night out. See here for tips. 

7. ErgoErgo sitting stool

A great gift for expecting or new Moms, this active sitting stool is designed to rock gently to build strength and flexibility. Once the baby is grown up, use the stool at home or work for when you want to rest, but stay gently active. Buy it here. 

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