Happy Holidays

Seems everyone you talk to mentions how quickly this holiday season has snuck up on them. The general consensus is that it feels that way because Thanksgiving came so late in November this year.

A rushed holiday season can mean a stressed holiday season, no matter who you are. But if you are managing a gluten-free lifestyle along with all your cards, decorating and wrapping it might seem especially tense. You don’t have the option of buying last minute store-bought cookies – unless you’re lucky enough to live near a really great and well-stocked, gluten-free bakery.

We’ve tried to help with the holiday guide on our website, http://www.glutenfreeliving.com/.

And you, like everyone else, you can pick the things about the holidays that matter most or are the most fun and skip the things that you are just doing out of obligation without enjoyment. Sounds so hard, we know. Your family and friends have expectations. How do you cut back?

Interestingly, cutting back is the theme this holiday season. Mostly it’s a matter of money and so many people have less of it. Mixed in, though, is a little hope that paring our holiday excess might lead us to a good place.


All the holidays we celebrate this season are rooted in the best of the human spirit – hope, courage, faith, love and peace.

At Gluten-Free Living we wish you all of these both during the holidays and throughout 2009.

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