A Perfect Hanukkah Brunch

han-brunch-imageHanukkah starts Sunday, December 2 at sundown. If you’re still looking for menu ideas, consider this Hanukkah brunch menu.

Hanukkah breakfast is extremely special to me, and I look forward to the festive combination of traditional recipes and seasonal flavors every year.

One of my fondest memories of being in the kitchen as a child is of making matzo brei with my dad. It was my job to get up on the counter and help break up the entire box of matzo into a large bowl.

Our family recipe was done by feel, without any measurements, as is often the case with traditional holiday foods. It was a challenge to come up with accurate measures for this menu, but I persevered.

All the recipes are nut and gluten free and can be made dairy free. Everyone at your table can enjoy this celebratory meal on the morning of one of the days you gather to light the evening candles and open presents for the festival of lights.

Hanukkah Brunch Recipes



>> Peach Bellinis

Gluten-free citrus salad recipe

>> Citrus Salad



>> Matzo Brei


>> Homemade Lox

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