Gluten-Free Holiday Gift Suggestions

A very sweet reader purchased a subscription of Gluten-Free Living for his sister last Christmas. He sent me an email checking on the status of that subscription and when he found out that there was another year left on the subscription, he asked me for some other gluten-free gift suggestions.

I figured this was a perfect opportunity—since there is still plenty of time to ship things before the holidays get here—to ask for some gluten-free gift suggestions from all of you. What are some great suggestions for a gluten-free gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, hostess gifts, New Year’s Eve and maybe we will just round this out to Valentine’s Day too?

While I think a subscription to Gluten-Free Living is a nice one, tell me your gift ideas…

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4 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Holiday Gift Suggestions

  1. Kendall-

    Thanks for helping PureFit make 2008 our best year ever. We’ve experienced many people this year buying a box of PureFit bars as a gift for a friend or family member. With the economy the way it is, $29.95 for a box of wheat, gluten, and dairy free high-protein nutrition bars fits most people’s budgets. As an added bonus, we are including a free sample kit so that you can try all 4 flavors. Thanks for producing the best GF magazine available and thanks for the opportunity to post about PureFit.

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  2. I’m happy to share some ideas for gluten-free gifts:
    1. A collection of favorite baking mixes, in a wicker basket that’s lined with a pretty cloth napkin
    2. For your favorite baker, layer the dry ingredients (perhaps for favorite brownie recipe) in a tall jar, tie a ribbon around it and attach the recipe so the happy recipient know what liquid ingredients to add and how to bake it
    3. Stack some freshly baked cookies in clear plastic wrap and tie with a ribbon
    4. Bake mini-loaves of quick bread (perhaps banana),wrap each in clear plastic wrap, and tie with a ribbon
    5. For the chef in the family, give my HUGE new cookbook, 1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes. (One reviewer called it “one honkin’ cookbook”.) If you can’t get it in time for the holidays, give a certificate saying “Santa’s been delayed, but he’s on his way.” Send me your postal address and I’ll mail you a coupon for a FREE pound of Expandex (modified tapioca starch) that’s used in some of the recipes.
    6. Also for the cook in the family, give a 3-month subscription to which sends 10 menus per week via email. You choose 5, print the recipes and a shopping list, and eat well for the week. At just 10 per month, it makes a great gift.
    Happy Holidays,
    Carol Fenster
    [email protected]

  3. I’ve asked Santa for Carol’s book. Saw it at a Raisin Rack this week and it looks wonderful. Too funny I see she commented already. Thai Kitchen’s Curry Paste in red and green, some Thai Fish Sauce or other flavorful gf goodies in a nice container to inspire new recipes.

  4. Thanks everyone for taking the time to post holiday gift suggestions. One time I made a gluten-free cookie dough log tied up in parchment paper. The recipe was for French Sables, which is a buttery sugary cookie. I had two little tubes of green and red crystalized sugar tied on the ends along with the directions to slice and bake them. My newly diagnosed friend was thrilled!

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