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Tapas Style Gluten-Free Brunch for Mom

Instead of heading out to a restaurant this Mother’s Day, think about putting together a home cooked meal. If you’ve got family members that are gluten-free, you already know it instantly limits a menu. So let us help you put together a spread where everything can be enjoyed by everyone.

These recipes using great-tasting Mission® Gluten Free tortillas are great for sharing, and leave a lot of room for you to experiment with your own preferred flavors or ingredients. By reducing the serving sizes and passing them around, you’ll have more than enough for everyone to try.

Steak & Egg Burrito

This recipe puts all the breakfast classics in one place: hash browns, bacon, steak, egg and cheese. But feel free to experiment and mix it up with whatever you—or mom—prefers. Replace the bacon with sausage or just some sautéed veggies, and they’ll be just as delicious.

Breakfast Pizza

There’s never a wrong time to eat pizza. Served up in small slices, you’ll find yourself reaching for the combination of sausage, Monterey Jack and cream cheese, and egg whites again and again. So make sure you’re sharing with everyone else. Especially mom.


Huevos Rancheros

Classics are classic for a reason. These hearty huevos rancheros could be all a meal all their own, but splitting a serving means you can try plenty more.

While this particular recipe calls for salsa verde, try experimenting with different salsas to change up the flavor and turn up the heat.

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For even more recipes, check out glutenfreemission.com, and get creative with their great-tasting, gluten-free tortillas.


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