Celebrate Flavor and Tradition: Kwanzaa Recipes With Modern Shortcuts

Kwanzaa, which means “first fruits,” is a celebration of tradition and heritage, family, personal and community values, and giving thanks.  Kwanzaa isn’t a religious holiday, but a community celebration of seven values to pursue as an individual, for the benefit of of others. Like most holidays, Kwanzaa is celebrated with gatherings centered on food, rich in cultural tradition. Many families prepare time-honored recipes passed down from generation to generation.

These Kwanzaa recipes take a few modern shortcuts, while celebrating African American and southern flavors.

Ethiopian Inspired Chicken Stew

This stew has all the good stuff: lots of spices, red wine and onions. It’s hearty, filling and quick to make. Get the recipe.

Ethiopian Inspired Chicken Stew

Jalapeno Cheddar Grits

If you’ve never made grits before, these ones are a great place to start. They’re creamy and cheesy with just a bit of a kick. Get the recipe.

Cheese Grits

Southern Buttermilk Custard Pie

A few ingredients and all the Southern-inspired textures and tastes you could ask for in a buttermilk pie. Get the recipe.

Buttermilk Pie

Braised Kale With Bacon

It’s bacon, it’s kale, it’s red pepper flakes. The flavors are so good, you’d never guess you’re eating something healthy. Get the recipe.

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