5 Naturally Flavored Candies for Easter Baskets

The search for dye-free candies to fill Easter baskets is upon us, and I am so thankful for the brightly colored delights created by caring companies for children and adults alike. With sweet and sour, hard and chewy, and eye-catching creations, these companies have replaced the artificial candies of the past with healthful versions that taste even better. 

Here are our top picks (in no order) for companies producing product lines with only natural ingredients, so everyone can enjoy Easter (and every day) in sweet sugary goodness!

1. The Lovely Candy Company

The Lovely Candy Company only uses non-GMO and natural ingredients to create its vast line of sweets that deliver on taste and texture. Choose from: caramels, sweet and sour gummies, fruit chews, hard candy, lollipops and juicy chews in tropical and traditional flavors like cherry, apple and mango. And their chocolate offerings are equally intriguing with honey patties, dark and milk chocolate pretzel balls, and dark chocolate-covered almonds and espresso beans.

2. SmartSweets

There is no added sugar, sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners in SmartSweets plant-based candy. Swedish fish, sour gummy bears, fruity gummy bears and sour blast buddies boast vibrant colors and flavors from only natural sources and are produced on lines free of peanuts, tree nuts, milk and wheat.


3. Surf Sweets

The jelly beans from Surf Sweets and its naturally flavored candies, including gummy bears, gummy worms and watermelon rings, are a fabulous treat any time of year but especially during the holidays. These allergen-friendly treats are made with organic fruit juices and organic sugar and are free of the top 10 most common food allergens, artificial colors and corn syrup. Produced in a nut-free facility, the candy offers traditional flavors choices of cherry, lemon, strawberry, grape, orange and grapefruit to delight the young and old.

4. Wholesome

Celebrate the spring season with Wholesome’s adorable bunny-shaped lollipops in lemon, strawberry and watermelon. And while you’re at it, its cinnamon gummy bears, DelishFish, and fruit chews are perfect for rounding out that Easter basket. Made with organic cane sugar, they have bright flavors and colors derived from vegetable juices. They’re also free from gluten, dairy, nuts and high-fructose corn syrup. Clean treats at their finest!

5. YumEarth

What started with lollipops has expanded into a natural and organic empire of hard candies, bite-size licorice, gummy bears and worms, chewy fruit snacks, and sour twists and beans. Using the simplest ingredients, flavors and colors, YumEarth has created a line of candy that tastes like it should.


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