It sure is summer…

It is about as hot and sticky as it gets in the summer time…heat advisory, crazy storms, “real feel” temperatures of 100 degrees. All of a sudden, school is out and the July 4th is next weekend!

My celiac made the tournament baseball team so it’s serious baseball time. He has his first game tonight and when I get home from the event, I will be in need of some cool refreshments. I just put some bottles of hard cider in the refrigerator which will be the perfect evening drink to clear the infield dust from my throat.

It’s light and refreshing for summer, a little less filling than a beer and something a little different than a glass of wine. I checked in with one of our advertiser’s, Woodchuck Cider for some information about cider. Hard Cider is made from apples that are pressed for the juice, fermented and cold-filtered. This process makes is similar to a wine since wine is pressed grape juice that undergoes a fermenting process. However, hard cider is placed in six-pack type bottles or kegs which make it very similar to beer.

I discovered hard cider at a barbeque several summers ago when a fellow celiac handed me a bottle and asked if I had ever tried it. The cider was crisp and cool and he informed me that it is a staple on tap at many Irish pub style places.

Hard cider is a gluten-free beverage so it is a nice option any time of the year, I just happen to think it is really perfect on a hot summer evening….especially after many hours on a steel bleacher watching baseball.


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6 thoughts on “It sure is summer…

  1. Kendall,
    I will also be on the baseball field, though our tournament does not start until tomorrow night. The hard cider sounds like perfect after-game refreshment.

    By the way, good luck to your son’s team!

  2. I knew hard cider was one GF drink but what do we know about Pepsi! It gave my hubby some trouble recently?? Must be either the carmel color or the natural flavorings??

  3. Hi Linda,
    Yes, hard cider does contain alcohol and I would imagine if you drink enough, like any alcohol, you could get drunk. Moderation is always a good idea.


  4. To Concerned,
    Our latest issue has a story about gluten-free beverages of all kinds. It includes information about Pepsi products.

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