SPONSORED POST: Gluten-Free Holidays Just Got a Little Sweeter

Dancing Deer Baking Co., a leading provider of gourmet food gifts and baked goods, has expanded its line of gluten-free treats. Recognized nationwide for their award-winning baked goods, Dancing Deer has taken several star-studded favorites and created gluten-free versions so customers with a gluten sensitivity or celiac disease can enjoy them.

Dancing Deer’s bakers took the company’s best-selling items and tweaked the recipes to develop equally delicious gluten-free varieties. Their new gluten-free bakery goods include the soft Molasses Cookie—the first-ever cookie developed by Dancing Deer Bakery in 1994—as well as new gluten-free gift boxes.

Many years ago, it was the mighty Molasses Cookie that helped put Dancing Deer Bakery on the map as this soft, chewy cookie with cinnamon and clove won the first of many food industry awards. Now, the scratch-baked Molasses cookie is also available gluten-free. The Gluten-Free Molasses Cookie is available in a number of gift sets or at retail in a 7-cookie pack for $6.99. Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies and Gluten-Free Chocolate Chunk Brownies are also available.

“When it comes to party planning and gift giving, people really do want to include their friends and family who have a gluten intolerance or simply wish to reduce the amount of gluten in their diet,” says Jennifer Shelley, Master Baker. “We want to make it easier to provide safe, delicious, certified gluten-free treats, so everyone can be part of the celebration.”

Gluten-Free Gifts

Gluten-Free Brownie & Cookie Gift Box  Incorporating all the indulgent flavor of their original recipes, including their acclaimed brownies, Dancing Deer’s Gluten-Free Brownie & Cookie Gift Box is a sweet treat for the gluten-free foodie. This gift includes 7 Gluten-Free Soft Molasses Cookies and 4 Gluten-Free Chocolate Chunk Brownies packaged in a decorative green gift box. (15 oz. for $32.95)

Gluten-Free Chocolate Bliss Gift Box — This delicious gift contains: 4 Gluten-Free Chocolate Chunk Brownies, 7 Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies and a 5-oz bag of Gluten-Free Double Dare Chocolate Crispy Cookie Bites (approx. 30 cookies). This assortment of cookies and brownies will arrive artfully packaged in a Dancing Deer gift box. (1.3 lbs. for $39.95)

Gluten-Free Brownie Gift Box — Voted “America’s Best” brownie, this rich Dancing Deer brownie is now available in a gluten-free version. These Chocolate Chunk Brownies are accented with semi-sweet chocolate pieces for a profoundly chocolatey, moist, and dense brownie. This is a classic favorite and includes 8 delicious brownies. (14 oz. for $29.95)

Gluten-Free Molasses Cookie Gift Box — Now available in Gluten Free, this chewy molasses cookie helped put us on the culinary map and also in the hearts of cookie monsters. It was the first of our many Food Industry “Oscars.” 14 generous and homey cookies are scratch-baked and artfully packaged in a festive gift box. (1 lb. for $26.95)

Gluten-Free Holiday Gift Basket — Enjoy two holiday favorite flavors in this special gift. Includes 4 Gluten-Free Chocolate Chunk Brownies, 7 Gluten-free Chocolate Chip cookies, and 7 Gluten-Free Soft Molasses Cookies all together packed in a burgundy seagrass basket with a toggle tie. (1.4 lbs for $42.95)

Whether it’s a holiday party, birthday party, or an everyday occasion, Dancing Deer provides an easy way for people avoiding gluten to enjoy scratch-baked treats.

The Dancing Deer Gluten-Free line is Certified Gluten-Free. All Dancing Deer treats are baked from scratch, certified kosher, and made in small batches with the finest and cleanest ingredients available. All bakery gift boxes are available for purchase at www.DancingDeer.com.

About Dancing Deer Baking Co.

Since 1994, Dancing Deer Baking Co., a leading national provider of award-winning, gourmet food gifts and baked goods for businesses and consumers alike, has been known for its delicious, scratch-baked brownies, cookies, cakes, baking mixes and gourmet gift arrangements. The company places an emphasis on giving back to the community, most notably by helping homeless and at-risk families through its Sweet Home Project initiative. Find Dancing Deer baked goods in specialty, natural food and grocery stores nationwide, on leading global airline carriers and on their website at www.DancingDeer.com.










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