Be Heard: What’s Your Best Tip For Navigating Dinner Parties, Birthdays or Business Lunches?

Welcome to the third week of our Be Heard campaign, where we’re asking people around the world to speak out and share their #myGFLstory by answering the same question.

Be Heard! Speak out for celiac awareness month

Here’s this week’s question: 

What’s your number-one tip for handling social eating situations, such as dinner parties, business lunches or birthday parties?


Speak out and spread awareness — we want to hear from you! Answer our question on your personal blog, on your Tumblr, on social media using hashtag #myGFLstory or in the comments section below. (If posting on your personal blog,  leave your URL in the comments below so others can read your story.)



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Now go share your story…it’s time to Be Heard.


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2 thoughts on “Be Heard: What’s Your Best Tip For Navigating Dinner Parties, Birthdays or Business Lunches?

  1. I usually bring something to to the party or function, so I know I have at lease have one thing I can eat. When possible, I ask what is being served in advance. At a restaurant, I call and ask if they can accommodate me. If at a private home, I talk to the cook and see if I can eat the main entree or we can modify to suit my diet. #myGFLstory

  2. I usually eat a good meal at home, before I go to a party…that way I know I am safe and don’t have to take a chance eating something contaminated. I also will bring a small snack…most of my friends know that it is really nothing personal about their cooking. (Well….I guess it kind of is…but I won’t tell them that!) If I am going to a BBQ or potluck…I will always bring something I can eat and will label it “Gluten Free.…” It’s funny, I tend to find, more often than not, that there are other GF people in the crowd, but they haven’t yet found their voice on how to tell others they have to eat gluten free. When asked, I will always share my experience and that usually opens up a big discussion about living Gluten Free and all the options we have these days!

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