Be Heard: How Do You Explain Your Gluten-Free Lifestyle?

Welcome to the second week of our Be Heard campaign, where we’re asking people around the world to speak out and share their #myGFLstory by answering the same question.

Be Heard! Speak out for celiac awareness month

Here’s this week’s question: 

How do you explain your gluten-free lifestyle to people who haven’t heard of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity? How do you handle people who think it’s a fad diet?


Speak out and spread awareness — we want to hear from you! Answer our question on your personal blog, on your Tumblr, on social media using hashtag #myGFLstory or in the comments section below. (If posting on your personal blog,  leave your URL in the comments below so others can read your story.)



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Now go share your story…it’s time to Be Heard.


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2 thoughts on “Be Heard: How Do You Explain Your Gluten-Free Lifestyle?

  1. Thank you for talking about gluten-free and gluten sensitivities. I get so frustrated when I read articles stating that there is no such thing. I wrote about mine here> I live with an autoimmune disease. When I eat things with gluten in them, I know within minutes. My joints get very painful, it becomes difficult to move around. My entire body feels swollen. I’m so grateful to my RA doctor who recommended an elimination diet to see if specific foods were a problem for me. Gluten was at the top of the list. It’s changed my life.

  2. Oh, me too, Kim Adams Morgan! Everything you said, except that I never got diagnosed and I never tried an elimination diet. I just figured it out from patterns in what I ate. I didn’t realize it caused mood swings as well until after eliminating the stuff, but I understood the joint pain, the swelling and the headaches. Anyway, except for a few products I didn’t realize had wheat in them until later and an incident involving my mom, the jar of almond butter and cross contamination, I’ve been good. 🙂 The only thing I’m unsure about is oats. I seem to be okay so far, but I’m going to observe myself and see how it goes.

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