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Twenty random strangers were shown four different bottles of over-the-counter liquid medicine. They were asked to choose which, between the four, might be gluten-free, acetaminophen-free, dye-free, alcohol-free, and sugar-free. The answer was always the same: the clear one.

Why? Because it makes sense that a medicinal formula removing all those unnecessary additives is completely clear of those ingredients. But the question remains: Why do all of the other medicines still have those harmful ingredients that could potentially harm thousands of consumers with conditions, intolerances and sensitivities?

DayClear is the first completely clear liquid formula that is tested to be free of gluten while also standing free of all other unnecessary ingredients. Its liquid formula works fast to treat symptoms for allergies, sinuses, and cough, cold and flu. Due to its cleaner makeup, it is truly safe for anyone with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. This allows consumers to rest assured that DayClear will not cause unwanted or painful adverse reactions.

“With an increased awareness of food allergies, we are seeing a trend in creating safer, cleaner products,” says Dr. Marc Dean, ENT-Otolaryngologist. “DayClear is spearheading this effort in the pharmaceutical industry by providing over-the-counter allergy, sinus and cold medicine that is safe for patients with special dietary considerations.”

DayClear is an effective product with a mission of tailoring its formulas to the needs and desires of today’s consumers. The founder’s son, Mason Mitchell, who has celiac disease, inspired the creation of the DayClear product line. Mason struggled to find over-the-counter products that would not cause the unsolicited consequences of accidentally ingesting gluten and becoming ill for several days.


“When you’re diagnosed with celiac disease, you have to start thinking about every single thing you put in your body—food, drinks and even medicine,” explains Mason. “For food, there is a certified gluten-free label and it’s easy. But it’s really difficult to find medicines that are safe.”

Mason would scour the pharmaceutical aisle, checking labels and reaching out to pharmaceutical manufacturers. Frustrated, he would ask gluten-free forums for recommended products and search the Internet looking for a solution. Ultimately, he realized that many pharmaceutical companies do not offer a gluten-free label, making the safety of the product questionable.

“I won’t take a medicine unless it says ‘gluten-free’ on the bottle,” explains Mason. “It’s just not worth the risk.”


Odes Mitchell, owner and founder of GM Pharmaceuticals (DayClear’s parent company) recognized his son’s struggles. He knew something needed to be done to make a change in the pharmaceutical industry. Thus, DayClear was born—a cleaner, clearer gluten-free product that clearly displays its clean label. Odes believes DayClear fills a gap in the market where thousands of people with intolerances have been ignored.

“I couldn’t understand why medicines had these ingredients that were potentially harmful for thousands of consumers, especially those with intolerances like my son,” explains Odes. “The product works just as effectively without those unnecessary additives.”

Backed by medical experts and hundreds of satisfied customers, DayClear is the premier choice for anyone looking for a gluten-free solution.


“I have many patients with specific dietary needs and intolerances. I feel confident in recommending DayClear to any of my patients with celiac or other intolerances,” Dr. Dean says.

A clean, clear liquid medicine is essential for consumers who will no longer tolerate medicines filled with potentially harmful ingredients. DayClear is leading the effort to make over-the-counter name brands safe for all consumers.

To learn more, visit Dayclear.com/glutenfreeliving

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