Honey Based Comb Vodka

comb-vodkaIt is Friday, almost 5:45pm and I am thinking about the weekend. More importantly, I am thinking about the new bottle of Comb Vodka and the lime and the club soda that are in the pantry.

I think of vodka as one of those “safe” alcohols in terms of gluten, but this particular vodka really is safe because it is distilled from a honey base. I had heard about it through connections right here in my home town but only tried it when I went to a burger place in a neighboring town that has hundreds of craft beers. This burger place did have a gluten-free beer, but I wasn’t really in the mood for a filling beer when I was going to be stuffing my face with a burger and French fries.

I saw the Comb Vodka and ordered it with soda and a lime. It was really refreshing and really hit the spot with my burger choice! The vodka is smooth, with a hint of sweet that paired nicely with a squeeze of lime.

Some vodkas just make you shiver when you taste it because the alcohol is so overpowering. I’m not sure that is related to price tag or ingredients! Comb Vodka is a real find when you just don’t want a cider or a beer or a glass of wine. So, it’s time to power down and start the weekend. I will be ordering regular pizza and gluten free pizzas to be delivered just after the last soccer practice ends and then mixing up a lovely cocktail to switch into a mellower mood.

Happy Friday!


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4 thoughts on “Honey Based Comb Vodka

  1. I’m partial to vodka myself and this one sounds really good. For good vodka, you usually have to pay for it. You know you’ve had the good stuff if it goes down like water; not like antifreeze which the majority taste like.

  2. I enjoy a good vodka as well and this one sounds nice. Sadly, you need to pay a decent price for the good stuff. A good vodka should taste like water, not like antifreeze, like many of them do.

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