HANG TEN Fingers Around Our New Hawaiian Sweet Rolls!


Bringing you new tasty gluten-free options is the yeast we can do.

If you can’t get to Hawaii, fear not; Canyon Bakehouse will bring Hawaii to you. White sand beaches and tropical rolling waves are sweet, sure. But, our new gluten-free tropical rolls are also sweet and beyond delicious.

Life is unexpected. We’re here to ensure you have delicious gluten-free meals no matter what rolls your way. (Pardon the pun!) These tasty beauties are perfect for morning, noon, or night, and they make for satisfying snacks or even curbing hangry moments. We’re inviting folks to show us how our new rolls help them #RollWithIt in a hungry pinch! What creative ways can you find to roll out our rolls?

Slightly sweet with a soft, pillowy texture, these rolls pair beautifully with all sorts of dishes. Looking for a breakfast bun? Toast them up and serve them with butter and marmalade. Elevate your grill game by creating special sliders. Snack on them straight from the bag. Pull them apart with family and friends or hoard them all to yourself — we won’t judge.

Need some recipe inspiration? Check out Canyon’s wide range of FREE recipes on their website including new roll’s recipes!

Like all Canyon Bakehouse products, the new Hawaiian Sweet Rolls are made with whole grains and carefully selected and sourced ingredients. Additionally, our lineup of baked goods is always Certified Gluten Free and free from dairy, soy, sesame, peanuts, and tree nuts.

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