Gluten-Free Matzo

Days like today are so quiet at work and it is a wonderful time to catch up. I have put files together and sorted out big piles of paper and drafted some marketing ideas. The sun was shining through my window, the kids were busy enjoying the warm day and, for me, today was a gift of a quiet phone and quiet email inbox.

The other thing that I have accomplished was pretty much scarfing down this entire box of gluten-free matzo while sitting at my desk! I wish I could find these easily all year long because this matzo is delicious. For those of us who have missed a “saltine” style of cracker, the Yehuda gluten-free matzo are light, crisp and salty. Of course, they serve a much higher purpose than a much loved salty snack for a celiac!

I hope everyone enjoys family time this weekend at Passover and Easter celebrations. Come Monday, I will have way too much Easter candy tempting me so I am going to run out and stock up a few boxes of gluten-free matzo!

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5 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Matzo

  1. Wow. Matzo-brye is a possibility for me again! My favorite breakfast from when I was knee-high to a grasshopper! I also note that my new blogger blog has the same title as yours- oops… :)no harm intended, and hopefully none done…

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