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I have been in a grumbling kind of mood about New York…the Times Square incident, the ridiculous taxes and our embarrassing accidental governor. But then something amazing happens and I think “wow” this is a great place to live.

This big “happening” was the grand opening of Fairway in Pelham Manor, NY. Fairway is this colossuses of a market with a huge organic produce section, the greatest fresh pickles, unparalled ethic selections, gourmet prepared foods, a fantastic butcher, fabulous fish and good prices. I did not allow myself enough time to fully explore the store.

The way they organized the grocery section was also a bit unusual. A center aisle divided traditional grocery selections from ethnic and organic selections. Any ex-pat missing foods from home should visit Fairway…I picked up Wine Gums, which are the most delicious gummy candy from the UK.

When I saw this arrangement, I held out hope that there might be a gluten-free section and Fairway did not disappoint. There was a large freezer area with the most diverse selection of gluten-free food I have ever seen under one roof.

There was also a huge selection of crackers, cookies, pretzels, snack foods and pasta in a grocery section that ironically was displayed next to the organic dog food. But, I digress, in all reality I don’t care what gluten-free food sits next to on a store shelf, if I can reduce my grocery store shopping to one stop per week, that is thrilling.

I am picky about my meat, fish, dairy and produce. I cook a lot of meals and I want fresh, unprocessed food. Pickiness plus food issues means that grocery store shopping is a multi-stop process and who has time for that? Fairway is a little out of my way, but for the first time ever there is a store that could be my true “one-stop-shop” market. For a working mom, that’s a fabulous gift.


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One thought on “Fairway Market

  1. I love Fairway! Since it opened last year in Paramus, NJ, I have shopped there at least once, but more usually 2-3 times a week (it helps that it is just a quick drive for me). I eat gluten-free, my daughter is a vegetarian, my husband eats anything. It is our go-to store for meat (prime here), seafood, organic, produce, coffee, in fact everything – i almost never go to any other grocery store. Basically, if they don’t have it, you don’t need it or they will get it for you if you really want it.

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