Could you please send me a list of your gluten-free yogurts?

In general we do not provide lists of gluten-free products. Sometimes, as in the question about rice syrup, we might mention a few that are gluten-free but we have always stayed away from comprehensive lists. First, products can change at any time and it’s possible that by the time we compile and print a list, it would be out of date. The best way to determine whether a product is gluten free is to learn about ingredients and go by the ingredient list on the package. The second reason we don’t do lists is that they imply that every gluten-free brand is on them and that any that aren’t listed contain gluten. That can be misleading. It’s nearly impossible to list every single national and regional brand of a product. But here is some general information about yogurt. Plain yogurt is gluten free and most flavored yogurt is gluten free. Some companies will only claim their plain yogurt is gluten free. That’s because they are concerned that the natural flavors might contain gluten. But if the gluten was from wheat, it would have to be listed on the label according to the allergen labeling law. That law would not apply if it was barley. But even if barley is used to make the ethanol, the ethanol would be distilled. Everything we know about distillation indicates the flavoring would be gluten free. Brown Cow and Stonyfield Farm yogurts are certified gluten free by the Gluten Intolerance Group. Fage yogurt is labeled gluten free. The companies that make Yoplait and Breyers have policies of always listing all sources of gluten on their labels. Dannon says only its plain yogurt is gluten free due to concerns about flavoring.

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