Wheat Syrup

Is wheat syrup gluten free? I bought Hero Jam and noticed wheat syrup on label. Do I have to throw it out?

I checked with the company and the wheat syrup is wheat glucose syrup. Here is what our investigation of wheat glucose syrup has found: Glucose syrup is a gluten- free sweetener made most frequently from corn, but also from tapioca, potato, and sorghum or wheat starch. It is such a highly processed and purified ingredient that the source of the starch does not matter. Even if you see glucose syrup derived from wheat on a label, it is still gluten free. Although GFL did the original reporting on glucose syrup, celiac support groups and other gluten- free experts agree that it is gluten free. You don’t have to toss the jam!

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4 thoughts on “Wheat Syrup

  1. This answer is 100% incorrect. Why on earth would you go for an amswer to someone who has a vested interest ?

    The fact is that it depends on the manufacturing process. Not all manufacturing processes remove the gluten.

  2. How do you now who answered that question? (Or that they had a vested interest)
    this response is meant to follow Mike Thomas’ response. Anyway looks like I’m a year late to this discussion as I just saw this ingredient for the first time!
    I can’t seem to find much info on it. It would have to test very low for it to be considered gf. That’s all I know about that. And that I won’t eat it anyway. Gf is not enough. Some items are so unhealthy I wouldn’t touch them anyway. Why do you want syrup in your jam? Any other than cane anyway? I prefer no sugar added jam if I can afford it.

  3. Foods labelled as Gluten Free but containing Glucose Syrup derived from wheat causes allergic reaction in my OH ( who is Coeliac )

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