In one of your recent issues, I read the answer to the plate question, “Are pickles gluten free?” It said that the vinegar is distilled and is gluten free. In products which contain vinegar, it never states on the label whether the vinegar is made from grain or fruit (except if the product is just plain vinegar), so are you saying that even vinegar specifically made from wheat is “safe” to consume? If your answer is no, then how can label- reading celiacs know the origin of the vinegar?

Your letter makes it clear there is still a lot of confusion about vinegar. Distillation is a process that effectively removes the gluten protein even if wheat is used. Consequently, distilled vinegar made from wheat is gluten free. How ever, most vinegar is not made from wheat. Apple, corn, grape and rice sugars are the most frequently used sources. The bottom line is that all distilled vinegars are safe on the gluten- free diet so you don’t have to worry about the source being listed on the label.

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