Vegetable Broth

Is vegetable broth gluten free?

The Food and Drug Administration has a specific definition of vegetable broth when it is used in canned tuna, but does not detail the exact ingredients in other cases. Vegetable broth in tuna has to be made from two or more of the following vegetables: beans, cabbage, celery, garlic, onions, parsley, peas, potatoes, green or red bell peppers, spinach or tomatoes. That means the broth used in canned tuna is gluten free, as is plain canned tuna. The beans used may include soy beans, in which case soy has to be noted on the label as required by the Food Allergen and Consumer Protection Act. While this has nothing to do with the gluten-free status of tuna, it might affect those who have soy allergies in addition to celiac disease.

In general, broth is defined as the liquid resulting from cooking vegetables, meat or fish in water. By that definition it would always be gluten free.

But canned vegetable broth can contain other ingredients as well. For example, Swanson’s Vegetarian Vegetable broth contains high fructose corn syrup, sugar and potato flour. The Swanson broth, as well as College Inn, Imagine Foods, and Pacific Foods brands are all gluten free. However, Swanson’s Organic Vegetarian Vegetable broth includes a yeast extract made with wheat.

Overall, vegetable broth is likely to be gluten free, more so than chicken or beef broth, which sometimes contain hydrolyzed wheat protein. But you have to read the ingredients label to be sure.

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  1. Swanson’s Organic Vegetable Broth is NOT GF (but their non-organic vegetable broth is) and hasn’t been for a few years.

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