Stonyfield Greek Yogurt

I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease after struggling with health issues for years. What a blessed relief to know. My husband and I have fallen in love with Stonyfield Greek yogurt — Oikos — is it gluten free? I am not sure because it is not certified gluten free like some other Stonyfield yogurts.

Here’s what Stonyfield says about its Greek yogurt.

All of our yogurts, smoothies, and soy- yogurts— except for our YoBaby Plus Fruit & Cereal, YoKids Squeezers, Oikos Greek Yogurt, and frozen yogurt— are certified gluten- free by the Gluten- Free Certification Organization (GFCO). And we’re in the process of getting our other products certified too. We didn’t change these yogurts, smoothies, and soy- yogurts to make them gluten- free. They already were gluten- free. The only change is that we’ve completed the certification process administered by the GFCO and can now officially say “gluten- free” and print the GFCO symbol on our packages.
They are not saying the Greek yogurt is not gluten free, just that they have not yet completed the steps to receive certification. And they note that the other kinds of yogurts did not require any changes because they were always gluten free, even before being certified. That’s most likely the story for the Greek yogurt too. So you can wait for the certification or take what would appear to be a very insignificant risk and enjoy the yogurt now. This brings up an important point about certification. The certification seal from GFCO or the Celiac Sprue Association gives you extra assurance that a product meets those organizations’ standards for gluten free. But many products that do not have a certification seal are still gluten free. Some have a “gluten free” label. For others, you have to read the ingredients list to be sure the food does not contain any wheat, barley, or rye.

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