Red Potatoes

Are red potatoes ok for a glutenfree diet? I am catering a wedding for a bride who has celiac disease and wants all the food to be wheat and gluten free.

Potatoes have nothing to do with the gluten-free diet, which excludes wheat, rye, and barley.* They might be cooked with gluten-containing ingredients, but potatoes themselves are gluten free. It’s easy to make the gluten-free diet complicated. That’s why we sometimes hear questions that seem to come from left field. For example, we were recently asked if peanuts were gluten free (they are). Products that contain peanuts might also contain gluten but in and of themselves peanuts are gluten free. * Currently oats are not universally recommended for the gluten-free diet here in the United States due to fears of contamination. But studies have shown that a limited amount of oats is safe for most people who follow a gluten-free diet.

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