Ice Cream Scoop Cross Contamination

My wife and I go out for ice cream at Baskin- Robbins once a week. They have gluten-free flavors and rinse their scoops between each scoop. Is this sufficient to get a gluten- free scoop of ice cream?

We all know how important it is to use clean utensils when dipping into any container of gluten- free food. So it comes down to how clean the scoop is when it goes into the gluten- free flavor you have selected. Personally, I would feel safe if the scoop was rinsed. Ice cream itself is almost always gluten free. Usually, the part that contains gluten is a candy, cookie or other baked good used as a mix in. Rinsing is most likely to remove a chunk of any of these and even small crumbs would most likely be washed away. If you have doubts, you could nicely ask if the scoop could be double rinsed. You will find a list of ingredients for all flavors of Baskin- Robbins ice cream on the company’s website, An allergen chart is included with each flavor and wheat is checked when it is an ingredient in the ice cream. You can also call (800) 859–5339.

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