Freezer Pops

Summer is almost here and my child who was just diagnosed with celiac disease is already asking for freezer pops. Are they safe? I see the ingredients include natural flavors so I was not sure.

Children who follow the gluten- free diet don’t have to give up that age- old pleasure of sucking cold freezer pops on a hot day. Most brands are made mainly from water and sweetener and are gluten free. Many contain high fructose corn syrup and some have a little juice thrown in. While you could debate the value of allowing these from a health perspective, it’s hard to challenge the enjoyment kids (and some adults) get from these treats. If a freezer pop contained wheat in the natural flavors, it would have to be listed in the ingredients under US allergen labeling law. The law does not require the labeling of barley, but most companies list it as malt flavoring, which you should avoid. One caution though. For reasons hard to explain, no one seems to be able to eat just one freezer pop so that big box you bought probably won’t last long.

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