Corn Gluten

Lately I have been hearing the words corn gluten being used in ads on TV. What is it and is it safe on the gluten free diet?

The most important thing to know is that corn gluten does not contain the protein harmful to those who have celiac disease. If you see corn gluten or gluten (corn) on a food label it is still safe on the gluten- free diet. How’s that for confusing! Gluten made from wheat has to say wheat on the label on all foods regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. If you ever happen to look at the label on regular bagels, for example, you will see that they include wheat gluten to give them that chewy texture. Corn gluten, which refers to the protein in the corn, is not that common but it sometimes causes problems if you call a company and ask if a product is gluten free. A less knowledgeable consumer service representative might see corn gluten on a label and say it is not gluten free when it is. I have run into this with some foods, though not often.

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