Arbor Mist

I enjoyed your story about gluten in alcoholic drinks. I wondered if Arbor Mist is gluten free.

Arbor Mist is wine blended with natural flavors. Alcoholic drinks do not have to have ingredient lists so we contacted Arbor Mist Winery. Here’s what the company said about its wines: “We do not test our products for gluten. However, to our knowledge, they do not contain it. Where one’s health is of a concern, we always recommend that you consult with your physician.” The fact that a company does not test for gluten does not automatically mean gluten is present in a product.  You have to decide for yourself whether you want to consume products that have little potential for gluten but no guarantee. To us it appears Arbor Mist products are highly likely to be gluten free since wine is gluten free and flavors are almost always gluten free. (See “Cheers, Selection of Alcoholic GF Drinks Grows” in Gluten- Free Living, Number 2, 2010)

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