Carrabba’s New Gluten-Free Menu

Carrabba’s Italian Grill recently introduced a new gluten-free menu featuring a gluten-free grill base. All other seasonings used in the restaurant are also gluten free. While the restaurant still does not offer gluten-free pasta, the company is testing one brand in select markets. Results will determine whether the pasta will eventually be offered in locations in 32 states. The restaurants do not have gluten-free kitchens, but take steps to prevent cross-contamination. Carrabba’s gluten free menu was overseen by the restaurant’s registered dietitians and culinary team.

“Carrabba’s provides gluten-free education to all of its employees and has a protocol for each time a gluten-free menu item is ordered. This includes: hand washing, glove changing, using clean cooking equipment and utensils, and special ordering instructions for our chefs,” the restaurant chain says on its website.

“Each ingredient was reviewed carefully to ensure that it can be used to create flavorful gluten-free dishes, ” Maria Caranfa, R.D., lead dietitian for Carrabba’s, says on the website. “From there, we work with our training team to teach the importance of understanding what gluten is, how to prepare gluten-free menu items, and best ways to serve the needs of our gluten-free guests.”

Carrabba’s calls this approach its “Door-to-Plate” gluten-free program.The restaurant works with the Gluten Intolerance Group for guidance on gluten-related topics, consumer needs and scientific research.


Carrabba’s has offered a gluten-free menu since 2008, including Italian cheeses, prosciutto, imported olive oil, and their wood-fire grill. Most menu items are naturally gluten-free. The new menu features a new dessert, vanilla bean Panna Cotta.

You’ll find the menu here.

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