The Sweet Health Benefits of Pineapple

These recipes incorporate pineapple and all the health benefits it provides to a gluten-free diet. They are refreshing, flavorful and fun to make.

Eating Gluten Free on Weight Watchers

Your gluten-free diet does not have to change when you join WeightWatchers. You can still eat all your favorite gluten-free foods in moderation.

A Beginners’ Guide To Growing Organic Food This Spring

Living a gluten-free lifestyle involves a lot of cooking. The more time you spend preparing food, the more likely you’ve wondered if you could grow some of this stuff yourself. The answer is yes! As spring comes closer, the time to consider breaking ground on an organic garden is now.

Is Sourdough Bread Gluten Free?

In bread-making, sourdough cultures reduce FODMAP content, which are carbs poorly absorbed by the digestive system. Clinical trials indicate thorough sourdough fermentation could potentially make wheat bread safe for people with celiac.

Is a Truly Gluten-Free Diet Possible?

Adhering to a truly gluten-free diet is nearly impossible. However, the level of gluten restriction that can be achieved is effective for many patients.

Bag Boring Lunches

Instead try these heartier versions you — and your kids — will love Fall is the time for adjusting to new…

Gluten-Free Beer Roundup

Regional and international gluten-free breweries create a variety of styles for every palate. Check out our roundup of gluten-free beers for help finding your best brew.

Probiotic-Rich Foods for Cooking and Snacking

Restoring your digestive system’s function with probiotic-rich foods has never been tastier than it is now with a wealth of delicious products created just for this purpose. Here are some easy ways to work probiotics into your diet.