12 Gluten-Free Buns You’ll Be Squeezing All Summer

Gluten-free buns are an absolute must for your summer shopping list. With the beach, backyard, and barbecue all calling take the guesswork out of shopping for delicious gluten-free hot dog and hamburger buns with these picks. Soy free, dairy free and nut free options are all included. Check beneath each item for a quick guide. ALDI, Schär, Udi’s and other brands are all covered. Please be aware that product information may change. So before you bite into that burger or dog, check the label carefully.

Now fire up the grill, and check out these buns.

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Three Bakers Hamburger BunsThree Bakers gluten-free buns for hamburgers

Three Bakers promises that you’ll enjoy these gluten-free hamburger buns from the first bite to the last. And there’s no need to toast ’em to enjoy. Let us know if that’s true! We do know these buns are non-GMO and have plenty of fiber.

Soy free, dairy free
Contains: eggs

Three Bakers gluten-free buns for hot dogsThree Bakers Hot Dog Buns

Gluten-free but miss a good hot dog bun? Soft, chewy, but also sturdy, these buns can be loaded up without falling apart. These 6-inch buns are perfect for your standard-size hot dog, but if you prefer footlongs, you’ll need a bigger bun.  

Soy free, wheat free, dairy free
Contains: eggs

Kinnikinnick gluten-free buns for hamburgers

Kinnikinnick Hamburger BunsKinnikinnick is the company with the hard to pronounce name, but the super soft hamburger bun. It invites you to add your favorite patty and fillings (we prefer the term “toppings”) and let your tastebuds party. These gluten-free buns are also vitamin and mineral enriched with added fiber, so they’re probably good for you. 

Soy free, dairy free, tree nut free, peanut free

Kinnikinnick gluten-free buns for hot dogsKinnikinnick Hot Dog Buns

According to Kinnikinnick, the hot dog – North America’s “top snack meal” – just got a new best friend with these buns. Let us know if you think they’re going to be BFFs or not. These gluten-free buns are vitamin and mineral enriched with added fiber.

Soy free, dairy free, peanut free, tree nut free

Canyon Bakehouse gluten-free buns for hamburgers

Canyon Bakehouse Hamburger BunsFinally, says Canyon Bakehouse, gluten-free buns worth grabbing are here. We’ll be sure to give them a squeeze. Take the company’s dare and pile on as many toppings as you want. Ditch the lettuce wrap and check out these 100 percent whole grain gluten-free buns.

Soy free, dairy free, peanut free, tree nut free

Canyon Bakehouse gluten-free buns for hot dogs

Canyon Bakehouse Hot Dog BunsIn case you missed ’em Canyon Bakehouse hot dog buns are back! These buns are sturdy enough to hold any hot dog, bratwurst or sausage, but soft enough to satisfy, says the company. These whole grain buns are made with organic agave syrup, making them a tad sweet. Too sweet? You decide. 

Soy free, dairy free, nut free

Udi’s gluten-free buns for hamburgers

Udi's gluten-free Hamburger BunGourment flavor and gluten free – apparently it’s possible to have both. “Our soft, golden buns are perfect,” according to Udi’s. We recommend covering them up with your favorite burger.

Soy free, dairy free, nut free  

Udi’s gluten-free buns for hot dogs

Udi's gluten-free Hot Dog BunsFull of taste, free of gluten and ready for a classic hot dog, Philly cheesesteak or anything else your heart desires, these gluten-free buns will have you covered, says Udi’s. Tell us if you think these buns live up to the hype. 

Soy free, dairy free, nut free

Schär gluten-free buns for hämburgers

Schar gluten-free Hamburger BunsSchär hamburger buns aren’t just great for holding burgers, they’re also pretty good as dinner rolls, says the company. Baked with ancient grains, fortified with vitamins and minerals and a good source of fiber, these buns seem to have it all.

Dairy free

Schär gluten-free buns for hot dogsSchar gluten-free Hot Dog Buns

We have no doubt Schär’s gluten-free hot dog buns are fluffy, hearty and perfect for your next barbeque. In fact, the Gluten-Free Living taste testers tried some of their other products during a camp-themed chow down. Give ’em a try!

Dairy free

Aldi liveGfree gluten-free buns for hamburgersAldi gluten-free Hamburger Buns

We couldn’t find much information about Aldi’s gluten-free hamburger buns, which are sold under its liveGfree brand. They’re not listed on the website, but after some searching it appears the buns are available in some select areas. Are they available at your local store? Let us know!

Aldi liveGfree gluten-free buns for hot dogsAldi Gluten-Free Hot Dog Buns

Again, the Aldi-brand hot dog buns appear to be elusive. If you can’t find them at your store, don’t worry, we have some fairly new gluten-free products for you to consider that Aldi announced earlier this year. Check out that list here. 

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