A World of “Gluten Free”

Traveling abroad? Here’s how to say “gluten free” in six languages. If you’re not going to an area that speaks one of these languages, you can easily access apps with phrases and other details to help you eat worry and gluten free while you’re away from home.

Spanish: sin gluten

French: sans gluten

Italian: senza glutine

Portuguese – livre de glúten

 Danish – glutenfri

Turkish – glütensiz

Apps to help you stay on track

 Gluten Free Restaurant Cards from CeliacTravel.com


This app provides gluten-free restautant cards in 54 languages that that can be shown to a server and/or chef to explain the restrictions of your gluten-free diet.


A guide to food-allergy-friendly restaurants across the United Sates, AllergyEats provides peer reviews regarding how well a restaurant accommodates the needs of food-allergic and food-intolerant guests.

Dine Gluten Free

Browse restaurants and  read peer reviews of  gluten-free-friendly businesses around the world in this easy-to-use app.


Find Me Gluten Free

This app allows you to search by location for gluten-free pizza, bakeries, fast food, local busineses and more. Access user reviews, tips and other useful information.

Gluten-Free World
Whether in your hometown or traveling abroad, the Gluten-Free World app aims to help you find pubs, restaurants, bakeries, cafes and even stores so you can relax and enjoy yourself instead of wasting time researching. The app provides not only the name but also hours and directions to each spot.

Please note that not every app will be available on all platforms.

—Heather Burdo


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