Walkers Releases New Gluten-Free Shortbread

Walkers Shortbread Gluten Free Shortbread product + packNeed something gluten free to go with your afternoon tea? Walkers Shortbread is releasing a new gluten-free line of their iconic shortbread in 2015.

The shortbread cookies are made with a blend of potato starch, rice flour and maize flour instead of  wheat flour but contain the same butter and sugar as the original. Shoppers can choose from three varieties: Classic, Chocolate Chip and Ginger & Lemon.

All three varieties are certified by the UK Coeliac Society and meet the FDA standard for gluten free.

The company reports that the line contains less than 20 parts per million of gluten. Each batch is tested before being released to the public. The cookies also contain no hydrogenated fats or genetically modified ingredients.

“With so many now suffering from food intolerances, we feel it is important to create choices for all and are proud to have the unique offering of traditional shortbread, which is certified gluten free.” said Jim Walker, Managing Director of Walkers Shortbread in a press release.

Walkers reports that the new gluten-free shortbread line will start appearing in stores around the country in the next few months. Customers can also purchase the cookies online at http://us.walkersshortbread.com/.


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3 thoughts on “Walkers Releases New Gluten-Free Shortbread

  1. Always eyeing these goodies in the store. Being from the UK I use to live off these biscuits… now I can get them gluten free, where, when how!?!

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