Top 5 Vegan Products at Expo West

Just 10 top favorite products from Expo West is not enough to highlight, so we’re breaking down more favorites into categories. Here are our top five vegan products we discovered at Expo West that we think you’ll love.

1. Popcorners Flourish

These lightly salted veggie crisps are made with real vegetables: chickpeas, rice and Brussels sprouts. They are never fried, and each bag has only 80 calories, so you can feel good about this vegan veggie snack. The flavors are delicious and the ingredients are wholesome, and this cracker-popcorn-chip hybrid will find its way into your heart and pantry cupboard. Buy them here.

2. Core Foods Bar

The Blueberry Banana Almond bar claims to have “everything you need to make your core happy.” It’s an organic overnight oat bar with probiotics, 8 grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein and no added sugar. The bar supports gut health to strengthen the overall immune system. It’s vegan, organic, non-GMO and of course, gluten free. Buy them here.

3. LiveMore Naturals Daily Vitamins

The dietary supplement drinks from Live More Naturals supply vitamins based on what you may need, whether it’s immune system support, energy or even better hair and nails. Our favorite, REfocus, provides energy from matcha green tea and has a tropical flavor. It also has 10 essential vitamins and is non-GMO. For a quick, tasty pick-me-up, reach for a Live More Naturals bottle. Buy them here.


4. Natural Sins Crispy Chips

The Mango With Chile chips caught our eye for their sweet flavor and spicy kick, but the chips also come in pineapple and coconut varieties. There are only three ingredients in these chips: mango, chile and raw cane sugar. The texture is spot-on and the snack is paleo friendly and certified vegan. Buy them here.

5. Mighty Sesame Co. Tahini Bar

At only 100 calories per bar, this super seed sesame bar is a good choice for an on-the-go snack or to curb an afternoon craving. The Tahini Bar borrows from the tradition of ancient halva-makers who recognized tahini’s potential as a dessert. This one-of-a-kind sweet treat is kosher, vegan and contains nothing artificial. Buy them here.

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