Top 10 Gluten-Free Products at Expo West 2019

Expo West, the largest natural products trade show in the United States, takes place annually at the Anaheim Convention Center, and 2019 saw many innovative products, with an emphasis on organic food. The conference had 86,000 attendees from 136 countries, plus more than 3,600 exhibiting companies, making this a record-breaking year for Expo West.

The natural products industry is exploding with products that emphasize sustainability, transparency and convenience. Hemp, shots to drink for health, organic food and eco-friendly packaging were trending at the show this year.

We ate our way through the Expo West floors, which boasted a mix of small mom-and-pop startups and massive industry players. Here are a few of our favorite products from the expo. 

Here are the top 10 products that stood out to us at Expo West 2019.

1. Banana Joe Banana Chips 

The Thai Sweet Chili Banana Chips are a scrumptious snack with benefits for your gut. They have probiotics and prebiotics, which work to support digestive health, immune function and enhance protein utilization. The chips are tin, crispy and fresh. They’re also non-GMO, vegan, dairy free, gluten free and nut free. Plus, each pack has up to three bananas. Buy them here.

2. Barlean’s Seriously Delicious Omega Pals 

These supplements for kids are packed with omega and eye nutrition for kids. The dietary supplement is made from fish oil and also includes an ingredient that helps protect eyes from digital device use. The flavors, like Hooty Fruity Tangerine, make it easy for kids to slurp down the beverage or mix it into smoothies or yogurt. The drink is free of gluten, sugar and dairy. Buy them here.

3. Nature’s Crush Microwave Popcorn

This microwave popcorn is like none other you’ve experienced. It’s popped with all-natural herbs and spices, and is pleasantly savory and bursting with flavor. The herbs and spices are farm-picked and added to each bag of USA-grown popcorn kernels. The Original Blend 23 popcorn has 23 crushed herbs and seasonings, from rosemary to cayenne pepper. Buy them here.

4. Mylk Labs Oatmeal

This oatmeal is one of the best products we tried at the Expo. It has an absolutely wonderful, complex texture and comes in Hazelnut, Almond and Coconut. Each one has six ingredients or less, 5 grams of organic coconut sugar and a roasted ground almond and oat base. The oatmeal is easy to make (just add water) and from a female-owned company. Truly a spectacular way to start your morning. Buy them here.

5. Shottys Party-Ready Gelatin Shots

This new product is going to fly off the shelves. It takes the mess and work out of making gelatin shots and serves them ready to go. They’re all natural, made with premium vodka and come in plenty of flavors, including strawberry, grape, blue raspberry, cherry and orange. It’s a delicious, fun, colorful way to get the party started. Buy them here.

6. Endangered Species Chocolate Duoz

These chocolate bars have two flavors side by side in a bar, so you don’t have to choose! Combos like Cinnamon Caramel and Coffee Caramel are a sweet, decadent treat. Ten percent of their net profits go to saving wildlife, and the chocolate is fair trade and certified gluten free. These are an ideal size to take on the go and treat yourself while supporting wildlife. Buy them here.

7. Yes Peas

Yes Peas, from Pop Chips, have only three simple ingredients: whole peas, oil and salt, making them a wholesome crunchy snack. There are 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber, and they are vegan and non-GMO certified. When you’re craving a salty, crunchy treat, Yes Peas is a healthy alternative to chips that sneaks some veggies in. Buy them here.

8. Humble Brush 

Designed in Sweden, the Humble Brush is eco-friendly, socially responsible and vegan. Its handle is made from biodegradable, sustainably-grown bamboo. It’s also cruelty free and BPA free, and even better, every Humble Brush sold helps children in need participate in a comprehensive preventative oral health program. Buy them here.

9. Wilde Brand Chicken Chips 

The Chicken and Waffle flavor of chicken chips is to die for. The chips are made from real chicken, crisped in coconut oil and seasoned with buttery maple syrup and a touch of cinnamon. Each bag has 15 grams of protein and these enticing chips are low-carb and free from dairy, potatoes, corn and grain. They’re just like a potato chip, but with a more complex flavor and made from chicken breasts. Buy them here.

10. Hopapops

Hopapops are popped lotus seeds, containing antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This crunchy, light snack has less fat and calories than traditional popcorn and has protein and fiber to boot. Flavors include White Cheddar and Mango Habanero, with everything in between, so you can find a popcorn alternative that suits your palette. Buy them here.

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