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Week of July 25, 2019

Early Hardships Linked to Development Of Celiac Disease
Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News: “Stressful and traumatic experiences that occur in childhood may take their toll in adulthood in the form of celiac disease, new research has found.” Click here for the full story. 

Celiac Project Offers Up to £180,000 for Better Gluten-Free Products “Think you have the next big gluten-free idea? Coeliac UK in collaboration with the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK is offering up to £180,000 for better gluten-free products, celiac disease diagnostics, or improvements to celiac management.” Click here for the full story.

Gluten Intolerance Group Certifies 108 Products as Gluten-Free
Whole Foods Magazine: “The Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) announced in a press release that it certified 108 products from 14 brands through its Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO) program in May and June.” Click here for the full story. 

Bipolar Disorder and Celiac Disease
Psych Central: “People with celiac disease are 17 times more likely to have bipolar disorder than those without celiac.” Click here for the full story. 

Noblesville mom sells gluten-free snack mix nationwide
Indianapolis Business Journal: “What started in one Noblesville mom’s kitchen as a special diet for her son has turned into a snack mix sold in thousands of grocery stores across the country. Jennifer Wiese is the founder of Bee Free, a gluten- and dairy-free bakery headquartered in Noblesville that makes the Warrior Mix…” Click here for the full story. 

Week of July 18, 2019

Why Do So Many Women Get Celiac Disease? “The combination of two X chromosomes potentially leaves women at greater risk for autoimmune diseases; while Y and X combination leaves men more susceptible to immunodeficiencies.” Click here for the full story. 

Keto, Plant-Based or Gluten-Free? Supermarket Chain Introduces Shelf Label System to Make It Easier to Shop by Dietary Restrictions
My San Antonio: “Raley’s of Northern California has greatly expanded its system of icons that it says will take the guesswork out of food shopping.” Click here for the full story. 

What’s a Minigut, and How is it Helping to Solve Celiac Disease Mysteries? “Miniguts are 3D models that allow researchers to mimic gut cell function in people with celiac disease. They may help researchers unlock celiac disease mysteries.” Click here for the full story.

Is Popcorn Gluten-Free?
Healthline: “Popcorn is made from corn, which doesn’t contain gluten. In fact, corn is often recommended as a safe alternative to wheat for those with celiac disease, and most people who cannot tolerate gluten can safely enjoy corn products.” Click here for the full story.

Bloom Cafe: Soon giving Staten Island more gluten-free, health-minded options
SI Live: “While Bloom will present a menu for those who can eat a broad range of selections, Nugent described the restaurant as ‘a coffee house serving lattes, cappuccino specialty ‘superfood’ lattes and fresh baked goods for gluten-free and vegan [regemines].'” Click here for the full story.

Life after gluten free: What will happen to the trend when consumers move on to ‘the next best thing’? “Gluten free is one of the most popular diet trends around the world, but the number of people who actually need to avoid gluten for medical reasons is relatively small. Today, one in five people reduce or eliminate gluten from their diet because they believe it to be healthier.” Click here for the full story. 

Week of July 11, 2019

Call for Philanthropy in Research Amid News of ImmusanT’s Discontinued Trial
Celiac Disease Foundation: “There is overwhelming evidence that the gluten-free diet doesn’t work well enough, if at all, for millions of celiac disease patients. The hope was that Nexvax2 would be a therapeutic backstop for some of these patients.” Click here for the full story. 

8 Best Gluten-Free Beers You’ll Want to Stock Up On
Health: “We took the guesswork out of reading labels and rounded up our recommendations for truly gluten-free beers.” Click here for the full story.

What can cause both lower back pain and diarrhea?
Medical News Today: “Lower back pain and diarrhea are both common, and if they occur at the same time, it could be coincidental. However, both can also result from more serious underlying medical conditions.” Click here for the full story. 

Would You Like a Michelin Star with Your Gluten-Free Meal? “In all the world, there is only one Michelin-starred restaurant that is completely gluten-free.” Click here for the full story.

Silly Axe Cafe is Louisville’s first completely gluten-free restaurant
WDRB: “When she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, a Louisville woman had to stop working as a personal chef. So she decided to open a 100% gluten-free restaurant that’s providing hope and food freedom for lots of people.” Click here for the full story. 

Week of July 4, 2019

Buffalo startup advances science of diagnosing autoimmune diseases
UB Now: “From its offices and labs in Buffalo, Aesku.NY, a life sciences startup, is developing new diagnostic tests that could ultimately improve care for patients coping with autoimmune diseases.” Click here for the full story.

Gluten-free pizza may not be safe from cross-contamination at restaurants
ABC News: “Are restaurants that offer gluten-free products safe from cross-contamination? GMA Investigates went undercover, ordering pizza at New York City restaurants, to see for ourselves.” Click here for the full story. 

Vitamin deficiencies may be the only sign of celiac disease
Reuters Health: “Adults with undiagnosed celiac disease often have nutrient deficiencies as the only sign of the condition, researchers say.” Click here for the full story.

Increased Gluten Intake During Childhood Tied to Higher Rates of Celiac Disease “The results showed that every daily gram increase in gluten intake in 1-year olds increases the risk of developing celiac disease autoimmunity by 5%.” Click here for the full story.
Vegan, gluten-free options grow for Fourth of July barbecues
USA Today: “Truly, it has never been easier to go meatless, dairy- and gluten-free this Fourth of July. Here’s a look at the variety of products available on store shelves.” Click here for the full story. 

9 Ways to Support a Child With Celiac Disease

U.S. News and World Report: “Here are some tips to help support your child living with celiac disease.” Click here for the full story. 
Expert calls ImmusanT celiac drug trial failure ‘devastating’ 
Boston Business Journal: “Federal agencies and private investors largely continue to shy away from funding potential treatments of the autoimmune condition celiac disease.” Click here for the full story. 

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