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Week of June 27, 2019

Study finds micronutrient deficiencies common at time of celiac disease diagnosis
Medical Xpress: “Micronutrient deficiencies, including vitamins B12 and D, as well as folate, iron, zinc and copper, are common in adults at the time of diagnosis with celiac disease.” Click here for the full story.

What is the link between gluten and rheumatoid arthritis? 
Medical News Today: “Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory condition. Some people with a gluten intolerance may feel that eating gluten causes their symptoms to flare up.” Click here for the full story.

NHL prospect Kaapo Kakko is turning issues with diabetes, celiac disease into positives
The Star: “There is one thing that sets Kakko apart. He was diagnosed with both Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease.” Click here for the full story.

Researchers Call for More Studies on Possible Link Between JA, Celiac Disease
Juvenile Arthritis News: “Contrary to previous reports, a new study of a group of patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis found none with celiac disease. The investigators called for further research to better understand how these two diseases might be interconnected.” Click here for the full story.

Celiac Society Urges Irish Restaurants to Take Gluten Free Eating Out Pledge “In an effort to improve menu offerings for Ireland’s celiac sufferers, the Coeliac Society of Ireland is calling on Ireland’s restaurateurs to take their Gluten Free Eating Out Pledge.” Click here for the full story.

A guide to eating gluten-free at T-Mobile Park
Lookout Landing: “This past Thursday night, the Mariners held a Gluten-Free Night at the ballpark, offering fans with gluten sensitivities (like myself!) a chance to try some new things.” Click here for the full story.

Week of June 20, 2019

Portable gluten sensors may help improve quality of life in celiac disease
Healio: “A handheld gluten sensor could improve quality of life by helping patients with celiac disease alleviate fears about eating at restaurants, according to study results presented at Digestive Disease Week.” Click here for the full story.

Why America is embracing the widening world of non-wheat pastas
The Washington Post: “As more brown rice, beans, quinoa and lentils are transformed into cavatappi, spaghetti and farfalle, pasta’s reputation seems to be evolving from ’empty carb’ to ‘superfood.'” Click here for the full story.

Thai Rice Plays Big Role as Gluten-free Diet
Yahoo! Finance: “With Thai rice, consumers can rest assured that every time they eat Thai rice, it is naturally gluten-free.” Click here for the full story. 

A gluten-free, vegan bakery is opening in Santa Monica
LA Times: “‘My mission wasn’t just to give kids a bakery where they could eat anything,’ McKenna said recently, dressed in her bakery’s pink jumpsuit uniform, next to stacks of frosted doughnuts, ‘but to give them a frickin’ cool bakery.'” Click here for the full story.

Week of June 13, 2019

Pregnant Women Who Eat More Fiber May Lower Child’s Celiac Risk
Live Science: “Mothers who eat a high-fiber diet in pregnancy may lower the risk of celiac disease in their children, a new study suggests.” Click here for the full story.

Lower Insulin Demand Associated With Gluten-Free Diet in Recent-Onset T1D
Endocrinology Advisor: “A gluten-free diet was associated with lower insulin demand and lower glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) in newly diagnosed nonceliac pediatric patients with type 1 diabetes(T1D), according to study results…” Click here for the full story.

The 10 Best Gluten-Free Cereals, According To Nutritionists
Women’s Health: “To be totally safe, opt for these delicious nutritionist-approved gluten-free cereals next time you’re stocking up at the store.” Click here for the full story.

A promising alternative to gluten-free products: Study “A team of international researchers has developed a technology that detoxifies gluten proteins, making them more agreeable for celiac sufferers.” Click here for the full story.

Innovate Biopharma (INNT) Commences First Phase 3 Clinical Trial in Celiac Disease
Street Insider: “Innovate’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Patrick H. Griffin, stated, ‘We are proud to start the first ever phase 3 clinical trial to address a large unmet need for celiac patient suffering from continued symptoms in spite of being on a gluten-free diet.'” Click here for the full story.

Boy with gluten allergy sues after restaurant refuses to let him eat own food
Today: “Should a child with a severe gluten allergy be allowed to eat his own homemade food inside a restaurant?” Click here for the full story.

Week of June 6, 2019

How Do You Make a Beer Gluten-Free? 
Vine Pair: “Compared with a few years ago, craft beers catering to gluten-free and gluten-sensitive audiences are aplenty.” Click here for the full story.

Celiac patient speaks on difficulty of finding gluten-free drugs
Post Bulletin: “Dave Hellerud, who delivers the Post Bulletin in Rochester, is supposed to be on five medications, most of them prescription. But he hasn’t taken any of them for months, if not years, he says, because of severe allergic reactions.” Click here for the full story.

Researchers develop new method to reduce toxicity of gluten for people with celiac disease
News Medical: “A team of researchers from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD) along with other research institutions have developed a method that will allow us to reduce the toxicity of gluten for people who suffer from celiac disease.”Click here for the full story.

A boy, a chicken sandwich and a federal case over dinner at Colonial Williamsburg
The Washington Post: “Should a child with a severe gluten allergy be allowed to bring a homemade meal into a Colonial Williamsburg restaurant on a school field trip?” Click here for the full story. 

7 Great Gluten-Free Breads, According to Someone Who Has Tried Them All
Self: “The good news is that there are tons of gluten-free bread options out there—and many of them really do not suck. Here are seven worth trying.” Click here for the full story. 

Week of May 30, 2019

Only 25% of Celiac Patients Report Low Disease Symptom Burden
Celiac Disease Foundation: “Yesterday, at the Digestive Disease Week (DDW) meeting in San Diego, researchers from the pharmaceutical company Takeda and the Celiac Disease Foundation presented a study entitled, Adherence to the gluten-free diet and celiac patients outcomes: real world evidences from an international patient registry, iCureCeliac®. ” Click here for the full story.

Cooking classes improve diet adherence, quality of life in celiac
Healio: “A series of cooking courses helped patients with celiac disease improve adherence to a gluten-free diet and their quality of life.” Click here for the full story.

‘If You Don’t Stand for Something, You Seem to Go Away Fairly Quickly,’ Says the Founder of The Gluten Free Bar
My San Antonio: “Marshall Rader and his brother encountered plenty of naysayers for their business. They proved them wrong.” Click here for the full story. 

Understanding and dealing with irritable bowel syndrome
The Washington Post: “Most people who have been diagnosed have had a battery of tests to rule out other related conditions, such as celiac disease and Crohn’s disease. That may lead to a misunderstanding that IBS is a catchall category for people whose digestive troubles cannot be pinned to a known disease.” Click here for the full story.

Shimmy Shack is throwing a vegan ‘prom’ for adults
The Detroit News: “With the theme of “flower power” the 21-and-older event on June 22 is a party where those on “underrepresented” diets can mix and mingle with others and not worry about what they can and can’t eat.” Click here for the full story. 

Art Cream Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Tree Nut in Gluten Free Cookies N Cream With Bourbon Pecan Lid
U.S. Food and Drug Administration: “Art Cream of Orwigsburg, PA is recalling 40 units of Gluten Free Cookies N Cream, because it may contain undeclared Pecans.” Click here for the full story. 

In Doylestown and Bryn Mawr, gluten-free fried chicken that delivers
The Inquirer: “All of Lovebird’s proteins — including buckets of chicken as well as the fried chicken breast, miso-garlic grilled chicken breast, and miso-garlic tofu built into sandwiches or topping the salads and bowls — are breaded in rice flour, and so are gluten-free.” Click here for the full story.

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