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Week of November 8, 2018

Celiac disease: Vaccine to protect against gluten being developed by scientists
Newsweek: “A vaccine against celiac disease, which causes the body to attack itself when a person eats gluten, is one step closer to being rolled out. Researchers hope a new experimental treatment for celiac disease called Nexvax2 could allow patients with the serious immune disorder to eat a normal diet—including pasta and bread.” Click here for full story.

Girl With Celiac Disease Writes Book So Condition Is ‘Better Understood’
CBS Denver: “A young girl has been fighting a never-ending battle with celiac disease since she was a toddler. Now, at age 11, she is telling her story through a new book.” Click here for the full story.

How the growing gluten-free landscape affects those with celiac disease
Medical News Bulletin: “A new Canadian study investigated the effect of the recent growth in the gluten-free industry on the social and personal lives of individuals with celiac disease.” Click here for the full story.

Ask Jennifer Adams: Kitchen storage options to reduce gluten cross-contamination
The Inquirer| “I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and the rest of my family doesn’t like the recipes I am trying. Now, the clutter doubles as I have to cook two of nearly everything. What advice would you have for someone like me?” Click here to read Jennifer’s answer.

Week of November 1, 2018

Your favorite gluten-free restaurant might be lying to you
New York Post: “A new study from the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University Medical Center suggests that nearly a third of restaurant dishes billed as gluten-free contain detectable levels of gluten, normally found in foods and drinks made from wheat, rye and barley.” Click here for full story.

Patients with celiac disease have trouble determining gluten exposure based on symptoms
Healio: “Patients with celiac disease who rely on symptoms to know when they have been exposed to gluten have trouble determining if they have truly ingested gluten, according to research presented at the American College of Gastroenterology Annual Meeting.” Click here for the full story.

4 reasons why you’re not losing weight on a gluten-free diet
Insider: “The reason you’re not losing weight on a gluten-free diet is that you’re not supposed to, much in the same way that you wouldn’t lose weight on a peanut-free diet because of a peanut allergy.” Click here for the full story.

Prevalence of Epilepsy in Celiac and Gluten-Sensitive Patients
Celiac Disease Foundation: “In a new study, researchers reviewed the available literature to determine the prevalence of epilepsy in patients with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, and vice versa.” Click here for the full story.

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