This Week in Gluten-Free News

Going gluten-free? Dietitian Shares Unexpected Sources of Gluten

When first diagnosed with a gluten-related disorder, you may have been given a handout telling you to avoid wheat, rye and barley. As reported by The Inquirer, that might not be enough as even a small trace of gluten can trigger distress. Click here for full story.


Celiac Patients Who Accidentally Ingest Gluten May Get Relief from New Medication

Healthline reported on some exciting news this month at the Digestive Disease Week conference in Washington, D.C. about positive phase 2 study results the biologic drug AMG 714. AMG 714 has been developed as an adjunct therapy to the gluten-free diet and is intended to reduce symptoms and gut inflammation. Click here for full story.


What’s the Link Between EoE and Celiac Disease?

An analysis of over 35 million patients may have found a connection between celiac disease and eosinophilic esophagitis. As outlined by Allergic Living, the database pulled from 360 U.S. hospitals found those with EoE to be nine times more likely to having celiac disease compared to the normal population. Click here for full story.


Could There be a Link Between New Wheat and Gluten Sensitivity?

A new study, discussed in The Straight Times, explored the link between old wheat and the new modern hybrid of wheat derived from various grasses, in hopes of determining if there has been any change in wheat genes that are the cause of non-celiac gluten sensitivity diseases. Click here for full story.


Don’t Blame Wheat Breeding For Celiac, Gluten Sensitivity

Many have hypothesized that the rise in gluten sensitivity is due to changes in the way wheat is created. The American Council on Science and Health outlined a study debunking the “blame the wheat” hypothesis. Click here for full story.


Week of June 4, 2018


“Eating Just Made Me Sicker”: Why Celiac Disease Is Such a Frustrating Diagnosis

Many people experience symptoms of a gluten deficiency and though receiving a celiac disease diagnosis may help some find relief, the challenge doesn’t end there. As reported by Today, the only treatment for celiac disease is a gluten-free diet, and that is a challenge for many. Click here for full story.


Celiac Disease: Underdiagnosed, Invisible, Deadly

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease affecting millions of Americans. As a recap of May’s Celiac Awareness Month, ABC 23 News reported on Celiac Disease. Click here for full story.


IL-15 inhibitor among key celiac research at DDW 2018

In honor of Digestive Disease Week, Healio created an exclusive video with Joseph Murray, MD, of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota where he shares an overview of key research and discussions in celiac disease. Click here for full story.


10 of the best gluten-free products at Trader Joe’s

Following a gluten-free diet can be hard, but luckily stores like Trader Joe’s are adding more gluten-free products to their catalog. Business Insider checked out the 91 gluten-free items they offer and narrowed the list down to their top 10. Click here for full story.


Week of May 28, 2018


What’s Really Behind “Gluten Sensitivity”?

A nebulous illness sometimes called nonceliac gluten sensitivity (NCGS), has occupied a medical no man’s land in years past, but those days may be over. Science reports that as more people without celiac disease are becoming gluten sensitive, the research in the field has increased. Click here for full story.


A New Drug May Keep Those With Celiac Disease Gluten Free

The new experimental drug called AMG 714 antibody may provide relief to celiac disease patients who happen to ingest gluten. The American Council on Science and Health reports that the findings of a phase 2 study on the drug will be discussed at the upcoming Digestive Disease Week conference. Click here for full story.


How do Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free Diets Impact Pregnancy?

Ensuring proper health during pregnancy is vital, and can start with following the right nutritional guidelines. This becomes incredibly important for women with celiac disease, so outlined some things pregnant women with celiac disease should take into consideration. Click here for full story.


Week of May 21, 2018


Celiac Testing Paradigm Underdetects Disease

Medpage Today outlines a case-control study in Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics that found currently accepted indications for celiac disease testing to be ineffective and fail to properly discriminate between patients with and without undiagnosed celiac disease. Click here for full story.


ImmusanT Expands Management Team to Strengthen Financial Operations and Accelerate Clinical Development

ImmusanT, announced today that they will be expanding their management team with the addition of three senior leaders. Outlined in Business Wire, Kristin M. Neff will serve as Vice President of Clinical Operations and Project Management, Joyce A. Pinkham will hold the position of Vice President of Program Management, and Jonathan Yeadon joins ImmusanT as Director of Finance. Click here for full story.


FDA Approves First-In-Class Drug for Migraine Prevention

Last week the US FDA approved the fully human monoclonal antibody erenumab (Aimovig, Amgen and Novartis) for the prevention of migraines in adults. According to Medscape, this once-monthly self-injectable drug, which is a CGRP antagonist, became the first in its class to receive FDA approval. Click here for full story.


Starbucks Blasted for Dumping Gluten-Free Sandwich

Leaving celiac sufferers furious, Starbucks has dropped its only certified gluten-free breakfast sandwich from their menu. The Canadian bacon, egg and cheddar cheese sandwich was just over a year old, according to the New York Post, and the announcement came in the middle of Celiac Awareness Month. Click here for full story.


10 Things You Should Know About Celiac Disease and Gluten

In honor of Celiac Awareness Month, WholeFoods Magazine brings up some facts, and busts some myths pertaining to celiac disease. What we know about celiac has advanced, but there are still many misperceptions surrounding the disease. Click here for full story.


Week of May 14, 2018


Your gluten-free diet isn’t actually free of gluten

Even though only 1% of the entire population actually has celiac disease, avoiding gluten has become a bit of a diet fad in the past few years. An article from the NY Post reflects on the recent trend to nix gluten when given the chance, but a new study reveals that most “gluten-free” foods actually contain gluten, some at levels that would cause issues to someone with celiac disease. Click here for full story.


Gluten-free diet could have benefits beyond celiac disease

For those with celiac disease, a gluten-free diet is very important, but recent research now shows going gluten-free may have benefits for others as well. New evidence from Washington’s Top News is now suggesting that taking a gluten-free approach might also positively affect those with chronic nerve pain. Click here for full story.


Celiac disease microbiome and metabolomics study

In an effort to learn more about the many factors that contribute to the development of celiac disease, the Center for Celiac Research at Massachusetts General Hospital, MassGeneral Hospital for Children, and the Celiac Program at Harvard Medical School have created the CDGEMM. The Celiac Disease Genomic Environmental Microbiome and Metabolomic Study will follow infants from birth through childhood to study celiac disease. Click here for full story.


Gluten and milk-free waffles are being recalled for containing gluten and milk

Fortune reported that more than 1,500 recently-distributed cases of Van’s Gluten Free Waffles have been recalled for containing gluten and milk. This voluntary recall of 1,584 cases of gluten-free waffles that were distributed to retailers in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin. Click here for full story.


Beyond Celiac celebrates Celiac Awareness Month with launch of new “monster” video sharable content

This May, in honor of Celiac Awareness Month, Beyond Celiac is running a month-long campaign; #ItsTimetoCeliACT. According to Globe Newswire, Beyond Celiac has created shareable content to help those diagnosed with celiac disease become actively involved in raising awareness about the disease. Beyond Celiac will be creating a video, infographics, buttons, icons and more. Click here for full story.