The Cheese Nip Debacle

I made meatloaf for dinner. Paired with steak fries and a robust red wine, it is always a winner, savory and simple. Who knew it would invite a discussion into gluten cheating?

My celiac was tucking into his third helping of meatloaf (he’s a growing boy, it’s ok). I casually mentioned that he shouldn’t order meatloaf in a restaurant because there are bread crumbs in meatloaf.

The conversation went something like this:

Celiac “So, am I always going to have this?”

Mom “Yes, maybe someone will invent a cure but count on always having it.”

Celiac “But sometimes, you just want to try something like a Goldfish or a Cheese Nip.”

Mom “Oh, really? Have you been eating Goldfish or Cheese Nips?” (Dramatic insight on Mom’s brain-beneath the calm voice, I am FREAKING OUT that he has been scarfing contraband behind my back)

Celiac “When I was in second grade we were all in this classroom watching a movie and we had popcorn and Cheese Nips passed around. I wanted to try the Cheese Nips and you know, they were really good.”


Mom “I know they are really good, I miss them.”

I determined that it was a one time offense, and that he wasn’t really eating gluten containing crackers behind my back. I only gave him a mini-talk about the long term health affects of eating Cheese Nips.

One day at a time. Beer, pizza, adolescence and peer pressure are the real challenges and they are blissfully a few years away with this one.

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