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Whenever we can, we like to cook with foods and flavors that are in season. While you can get most ingredients year-round, there’s no replacement for something that’s been freshly picked during its natural growing season, or preparing a dish that celebrates a certain time of the year. These recipes made with Mission® Gluten Free tortillas do just that, giving us plenty of opportunity to incorporate seasonal flavors.

Mexican Tostada

We’ll take any recipe that gives us a chance to use the fresh sweet corn that’s in season this time of year, and that’s exactly what this tostada does. Throw some of that corn on the grill directly over the open flame, then top off your tostada with it for some added crunch. We find the extra effort is well worth it, as the smokiness the corn gets from the grill works wonders with the smashed white beans.


We love infusing recipes with barbecue flavors around this time of year. No matter how you prepare your pulled pork—smoke it, grill it, or slow-cook it in a crock—feel free to slather on the sauce. Even after being baked in the oven, these Mission® Gluten Free tortillas can hold it together. If you’re having a large group together, these are an instant crowd-pleaser, whether you’re gluten-free or not.

Breakfast Grains Salad Burrito

Fresh blueberries turn this power-packed breakfast burrito into something you’ll look forward to every morning. Warmed with quinoa, egg whites, kale and feta, that bit of tartness takes things to the next level. Plus, it’s vegetarian. While it will likely become a go-to year round, this time of year it’s something special.


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