SPONSORED: Canyon Bakehouse’s Top 5 Tips for Your Best Gluten-Free Christmas

Half the fun of the holidays is all the cooking, baking and most importantly, eating! But we know it’s not always easy in a gluten-free or mixed allergen household. Here are our top 5 tips to help you make this your best gluten-free holiday season yet!

5. BYOGFD: Bring Your Own Gluten-Free Dishes

If you’re attending a holiday dinner with others that aren’t gluten-free, you’ll most likely have to bring your own meals. But don’t worry; there are plenty of easy holiday recipes to make your GF meal prep as seamless as possible.

4. Choose Your Favorite Recipes in Advance


Save yourself time and stress by selecting the recipes you’ll cook or bake well in advance so you can put a plan in place and not have to worry about last-minute ingredient shopping. Check out delicious holiday recipes like our Cinnamon Raisin Bread Pudding with Orange Glaze to get you pumped for your GF dessert!

3. Serve Yourself First and Label, Label, Label!

Minimize the risk of cross-contamination by being the first to pack your plate. If you’re sharing your GF dishes, make sure to keep them on a separate table or counter with removeable lids. Label serving utensils and dishes to keep everyone aware of which dishes are strictly GF. You don’t want to risk the chance of not being able to have your own leftovers!


2. Keep Mornings Relaxed with Pre-Prepped Breakfast

Busy days ahead? Have a lot of people staying at your house? Save time in the morning making breakfast on those busy family-packed days by having pre-made breakfasts in the fridge. You can make leftover sammies or prep a selection of GF toppings for English Muffins or DIY toast.

1. Have Gluten-Free Snacks on Deck

Sure, we spend most of the holidays eating and snacking, but it’s not so easy for the GF-restricted. Keep pre-prepped snacks available in your pantry or in your purse to keep your blood-sugar levels on keel throughout the day. Whether it’s simply gluten-free crackers, fruits and veggies or hummus and bagel dippers, it’s always good to have a quick GF snack option available.


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