Speedy, Satisfying Gluten-Free Breakfasts for Busy Mornings

Busy summer mornings can leave little time for preparing a home-cooked breakfast. But fear not, because we are sharing some new breakfast options that embody convenience at its finest. Not only are they ready in minutes, but also they contain enough whole grains and protein to get kids through the morning and keep them energized until lunch.

Take a bite out of breakfast with these creations

Gluten-free breakfastSay hello to Amy’s Kitchen’s new Classic Breakfast Burritos made with organic and vegan ingredients. Inspired by recipes from Amy’s Drive Thru, the plant-based burrito stuffs a gluten-free tortilla full of spinach, mushrooms, red potatoes, tomatoes, tofu and housemade salsa. And there are organic vegan sour cream and vegan “cheese” in it, too. This breakfast burrito is a great source of protein and fiber, and in just minutes it goes from freezer to microwave to stomach.

Gluten-free breakfast

Made with purity protocol oats, the new fruit and oat breakfast ovals from Enjoy Life Foods pairwhole grains with traditional breakfast fruits and spices to create a wholesome, portable and craveable breakfast. Soft and tender, these nut-free and vegan ovals are available in Apple Cinnamon, Berry Medley, Chocolate Chip Banana and Maple Fig. And it doesn’t hurt that they taste just like cookies. Seriously. Just. Like. Cookies.

Gluten-free breakfastThank you, Mikey’s, for adding breakfast varieties to your line of delicious hot pockets. Available in three flavor combinations—egg, cheeze and ham; egg, cheeze and bacon; and egg and cheeze—they have all the taste and nutrition they need wrapped in a savory Paleo crust. Breakfast on the go is only a delicious snap away.

Cauliflower has made its way to breakfast with the introduction of Purely Elizabeth’s new Cauli Hot Cereal. Made with a base of diced and freeze-dried cauliflower, it is prepared just like instant oatmeal and is ready in under two minutes. Available in Cinnamon Almond and Strawberry Hazelnut, a serving contains around 8 grams of protein, includes almond protein powder, and is sweetened with coconut sugar. Move over, oatmeal!

The new plant-based Fiesta and Breakfast burritos from Udi’s Gluten Free combine their proprietary egg-style scramble with vegan beef crumbles or black beans, potatoes and cheddar-style shreds for a sweet or savory way to start the day. With just the right touch of Canadian maple syrup, the Breakfast burrito is sweet and savory. We love the heat of the jalapeno peppers, sautéed onion and poblano salsa in the Fiesta burrito. Just heat and eat on the way out.


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