Seven Things You May Not Know About Me

Sandra Robins at Gluten Free Optimist tagged me to do “Seven Things You May Not Know About Me.”

Thank goodness it’s not 25 like the posts on Facebook recently. I’m pretty much an open book, but here goes.

  1. My family bleeds blue for the Penn State Nittany Lions. We have a big party every year PSU is in a bowl, even if the game is at 11 a.m. on New Year’s Day. It’s the only team – aside from my son’s soccer, basketball and baseball teams – whose victories and defeats really matter to me.
  2. My husband and I met at Penn State. I had the English book. He did not. I shared. The rest is history.
  3. I have two kids in college, neither one at Penn State! They go to school in Washington, D.C. and Virginia. We’re holding out for the youngest. There’s still hope.
  4. I do not have celiac disease, but I have lived through almost every life phase of the gluten-free diet because my daughter was diagnosed when she was two and she is now 18.
  5. I was a newspaper reporter, editor of college alumni magazine, and a trade union newspaper before working for Gluten-Free Living. I still have a reporter’s instinct for news and what’s happening to newspapers is a great tragedy to me.
  6. We are a combined Jewish/Catholic family. When you add in celiac disease, Easter and Passover can be quite interesting around here. By the way, I’m the Catholic.
  7. I was a pretty lousy cook before I started having to spend more time in the kitchen to make gluten-free meals for my daughter. I had to have a recipe with exact measurements and I would follow them no matter what. Now, I understand what my Polish Grandmother, who was a great cook, meant when she said things like “add milk until it’s not too dry” or “beat it until it’s done.” I’m also grateful she taught me how to fold things in.

The way this list works, I now have to tag seven other people, who have to come up with lists and then tag seven more — you see how this goes. I’m picking people from the gluten-free community who work hard to make life easier for all of us in many different ways.

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National Foundation for Celiac Awareness
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Cream Hill Estates
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One thought on “Seven Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. Great post Amy 🙂 I give you so much credit for your dedication to your daughter’s gluten free diet! I cracked up at your comment about “bleeding blue”… We are deep in “Penn State Territory” here in Southern New Jersey, so I can relate!

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