Seven layer cake, Stew Leonard and me

I had a cold, the weather was awful and I felt awful, too. All I wanted to do was go home and get comfortable. But I didn’t. Despite the fact that there was plenty to eat at home, last night I hauled myself to the local Stew Leonards because I knew there was a chance they had Passover products from Shabtai on the shelves. And they did!
I bought only sponge cake and some cookies because I am the only one eating them. I open the box, tell myself I will eat one cookie or one piece of cake and freeze the rest – but that’s not what happens Whether I eat more on the spot or go back for more, the bottom line is that I am going to finish them off in short order.
I even went home for lunch today, not because I had nothing here at the office but because I did not have any dessert here and knew what was waiting for me at home. I did eat a decent lunch but then I ate not one, not two but three cookies. These are not small cookies and they are plenty sweet and filling. But you can’t eat just one.
Now I find myself wondering if I should segue over to Stew Leonards on my way home. Actually, it’s in the opposite direction, has a pain-in-the neck parking lot and trust me, I do not need any more cake. But last night they did not have the Shabtai seven layer cake, which is my absolute favorite.
The weather is worse now than it was yesterday. Since it’s Friday, a lot of people will be shopping to stock up for the weekend. Moreover, Passover starts on Wednesday. On the one hand, that crowds the store and the parking lot even more. On the other hand, many will be buying Passover products so the supply will dwindle. In the event the shelves are bare, I envision myself attacking shoppers in the parking lot and running off with their Shabtai products.
Will I go to Stew Leonards? Will they have seven layer cake? Will I gain ten pounds in fewer days? Will I wind up in a news story with the headline: GF magazine editor socks other customers to get 7-layer cake!
Hmmm. I can hardly wait to find out. 

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