9 Refreshing New Gluten-Free Products for Summer

During a Gluten-Free Living Facebook Live event on April 25, the GFL team gave their first impressions of hot new foods in the gluten-free products world. They sampled cauliflower pizza rolls, birch water, gluten-removed beer and more. Watch the video to hear their thoughts and check out the list of products mentioned and where to find them. 

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Click here for our roundup of gluten-free foods from the last Facebook Live the team did. 

1. Chloe’s Pops

These popsicles are a refreshing, sweet treat for spring. They’re made with just fruit, water and cane sugar— no stabilizers, flavors or artificial anything. They’re also available dipped in non-dairy dark chocolate and come in many fruity flavors. Chloe’s Pops is an allergen-conscious brand and use ingredients free of all the eight major food allergens and make an effort to ensure the allergens do not cross contaminate into their products. Buy them here.


2. Rollin Greens Ancient Grain Millet Tots

Millet Tots are the only non-potato whole grain tot on the market. The crispy, vegan bites are a comfort food made healthy. They are free of the top eight allergens, have no binders, fillers or batters and are a low glycemic index food. The tots are made with millet, an easily digestible pseudo grain. Buy them here.

3. SZENT Water

This water uses a scented ring to allow the drinker to experience flavor through their sense of smell. This ring is infused with all-natural, food-grade oils. The water itself has a clean taste, and a rigorous reverse osmosis process is used to remove impurities. The water has a hint of flavor without any additives, sugar or calories, because it’s just water! Buy them here.

4. Feel Good Foods Snack Bites

These snack bites are reminiscent of pizza rolls, but are made with cauliflower crust and high quality ingredients. Feel Good Foods uses non-GMO ingredients, meat raised without antibiotics, cage-free eggs and no preservatives, MSG, artificial ingredients, colors, additives or fillers. The snack bites are quick and easy to make and are certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. Buy them here.

5. Handfulls Fusions

Our taste testers raved about these elevated trail mixes, which contain simple, natural ingredients. They are non-GMO, kosher and vegetarian. We sampled the tangy Denali Mountain Mix, which features sweet and spicy glazed pecans, Fuji and Gala apple chips, tart Montmorency cherries and orange-infused cranberries. Another variety enjoyed was the Lakeshore Trail Mix, which mashes up the great tastes of Chicago-style popcorn in an addictive blend of salted caramel-glazed cashews and cheddar CrrrunchBites almonds. The Thai-inspired Bangkok Backpack Blend, with its candied ginger cashews, diced pineapple and toasted coconut chips, was also enjoyed. Buy them here.

6. Crunchies

This crunchy freeze-dried fruit delivers a crunchy texture with every bite. The company focuses on knowing where food comes from, so the Crunchies website explains where every fruit used comes from. The versatile snack can be enjoyed straight out of a bag or with cereal, on yogurt or as a dessert. Buy them here.

7. Yönalé Birch Water

This organic, non-GMO birch water can help ease muscle soreness and reduce fatigue, supports liver, kidney and thyroid functions and boosts energy and immunity. It contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes and prebiotics. According to the Yönalé  website, the water is “wild harvested, tapped from the heart of the most pristine forest wonderlands” and can help detox the body, control weight and lower cholesterol. Buy them here.

8. Emmy’s Organic Chocolate-Covered Cookie Bites

Our taste testing team has sampled Emmy’s Organic products, and their new chocolate-covered cookie bites did not disappoint. The bite-sized pieces of coconut cookie dough are covered in dark chocolate and sweetened with organic coconut sugar. The bites are made with organic, non-GMO, vegan and kosher ingredients. Buy them here.


9. Chandelier Red IPA

This non-alcoholic IPA is fermented from grains containing gluten and crafted to remove gluten. It is under 10 parts per million gluten. It has only 33 calories and no sugar, and is a refreshing choice for the summer. It might pair well with fish tacos, grilled burgers and pizzaBuy them here.

Tune in for our next Facebook Live taste test on May 9 at 3 p.m. EST!

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