Readers’ Choice: 5 Most-Read Stories 2017

This year was chock-full of news, innovation, nutrition updates and more for the gluten-free community. In celebration of 2017, Gluten-Free Living is looking back at the year’s most-read stories and serving up the developments and information you found most helpful and useful.

1.  Chick-fil-A Adds Gluten-Free Bun

After successful tests in three states in 2016, Chick-fil-A added a gluten-free bun to its menu nationwide on June 19. Made from a blend of ancient grains, the certified gluten-free bun is individually wrapped, stored frozen and costs an additional $1.15. Read the story>>


2.  6 Gluten-Free Meal-Delivery Services

As more people continue to adopt the gluten-free diet, a growing number of companies are delivering fresh or frozen gluten-free meals. In December, we published an updated roundup of meal-delivery services with gluten-free options, including menu information, cost and meal plan details. Check out the list>>

3.  Top 10 Gluten-Free Apps

Your smartphone or tablet is an amazing portal to easily find all things gluten free. Whether you need to check if a product or ingredient in the grocery store contains gluten, find a reputable gluten-free restaurant or need to communicate your gluten-free requirements in another language, these user-friendly apps make it possible. Get the lowdown on these 10 apps>>


4.  What Is Gluten Sensitivity?

After many years of being ignored by the medical community, gluten intolerance has been recognized as a real condition. In fact, gluten sensitivity has its own category in a list of gluten-related disorders created by a group of international celiac experts. Learn more about gluten sensitivity and how it differs from celiac>>

5.  Eating Out Gluten Free

Dining out with family and friends—whether at a restaurant or someone else’s home—is a central part of living a happy and healthy gluten-free life. Yes, it does present challenges, but nothing should stop you from eating out gluten free. Use these tips to make the most of your night out>>

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