Product Spotlight on Q Cups™

Need a quick, healthy meal on-the-go? Look no further than Q Cups™, gourmet quinoa cups packed with hearty protein and nutritious ingredients. The best part about these portable delicacies? Besides coming in a variety of delicious flavor profiles, including Southwestern Barbeque and Savory Garlic & Mushroom, these tasty cups just require hot water and 5 minutes in the microwave, making them perfect for those busy afternoons when you don’t have a moment to spare.

“The Q Cups™ are the perfect combination of flavor, nutrition, satiety and a dash of love” said Suzy Singh, NOW Research and Development Corporate Chef, “I truly think these cups will revolutionize the way people eat and think about food.”

While Q Cups™ are a wonderful lunchtime staple; they can also be used to create hearty meals the entire family can enjoy for dinner. Now Foods, the creator of Q Cups™, provides some fantastic inspiration for your evening meals, with delicious recipes and video tutorials on their website to help get you started. These include recipes for Grilled Quinoa & Lime Salmon Cakes with Cilantro Sesame Aioli and Grilled Mole Steak Over Garlic & Mushroom Quinoa. Easy to take with you and a cinch to prepare, these quinoa cups may just become your new favorite companion.

-Julia Aparicio

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