Product Roundup: Hot Picks for Gluten-Free Kids

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These products geared toward kids—but yum for all!—include breakfast and snack options that will come in handy this week with many kids out of school for April vacation. While your youngsters will savor the delicious flavor, you can rest assured that they have safe food options while they’re home.

Perfect pancakes

When Follow Your Heart set the goal of creating the tastiest yet healthiest pourable, ready-to-heat pancake batter, Rocket Cakes was born. And, best of all, the fluffy pancakes and decadent waffles produced by this easy heat-and-eat batter are gluten free. Just add your child’s favorite toppings and you’ll be the hit of breakfast—or breakfast for dinner!





This spud’s for you

The New York Kosher Dill kettle chips from One Potato Two Potato are the perfect pick for your child’s lunchtime snack. This delightful snack combines the flavors of two classic sandwich side staples, potato chips and pickles (without the messy juice!). Not only is the bag full of crispy deliciousness, but it’s adorable too—a sure hit in any cafeteria.


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Put a ring on it

Getting your kids to eat their vegetables can pose a challenge—or an impossible hurdle, depending on your child. But these Farmwise Cauliflower, White Bean & Onion Veggie Rings present the perfect delivery vehicle for nutritious ingredients. Your young one will lustily chow down on these crispy rings of goodness without realizing that every five rings they eat delivers one serving of veggies.




Get bowled over

With 3 grams of fiber and zero added sugar, these Super Morning Oatmeal Bowls for toddlers are an easy, nutritious breakfast option on busy mornings. Available in two kid-pleasing flavors, Organic Bananas & Strawberries and Organic Apples & Blueberries, these bowls contain a blend of quinoa, gluten-free oats and super chia seeds and can be warmed to your child’s liking, which is especially nice on chilly winter mornings.


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And for those times when you’re able to spend more time preparing meals and snacks together, check out these kid-friendly recipes:

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