Product Roundup: Gluten-Free Breakfast Products

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Looking for something new to mix up for breakfast? This roundup of breakfast products will make sure your most important meal of the day is also the most delicious.

Follow Your Heart Rocket Cakes

When Follow Your Heart set the goal of creating the tastiest, healthiest pourable, ready-to-heat pancake batter, Rocket Cakes was born. And, best of all, the fluffy pancakes and decadent waffles produced by this easy heat-and-eat batter are gluten free. Just add your child’s favorite toppings and you’ll be the hit of breakfast— or breakfast for dinner! Check it out here.


Happy Tot Super Morning Oatmeal Bowls

With 3 grams of fiber and zero added sugar, these Super Morning Oatmeal Bowls for toddlers are an easy, nutritious breakfast option on busy mornings. Available in two kid-pleasing flavors, Organic Bananas & Strawberries and Organic Apples & Blueberries, these bowls contain a blend of quinoa, gluten-free oats and super chia seeds and can be warmed to your child’s liking, which is especially nice on chilly winter mornings. Check it out here.

The Gluten Free Bar’s GFB Power Breakfast

This new breakfast food line, GFB Power Breakfast, is not only a great way to start your day, but super portable, ready in 90 seconds and environmentally friendly to boot. The unique award-winning package pops open to create a bowl that can be microwaved and then recycled when you’re finished.

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Soozy’s muffins

The team at Soozy’s found a way to produce light and fluffy baked goods containing clean, whole ingredients. In fact, they are free of not only gluten, but grains, dairy, peanuts and soy. The frozen muffins come in packages of four and are available in six delish flavors— wild blueberry, double chocolate, sweet potato, coffee cake, banana chocolate and matcha green tea. Check it out here.

Kinnikinnick soft donuts

Think prepackaged gluten-free donuts have to be dense and heavy? Think again. These soft donuts from Kinnikinnick are soft and light, not to mention free of nuts and dairy. And, as you know, the best part of a donut is always the icing. These scrumptious delights come with glaze packs, so you can add as much icing as you want. Check it out here.




They make look like waffles, but Swapples offer a grain-free option made with fruits, vegetables and spices. Yucca root creates a crispy-soft crust-like texture that works for all five sweet and savory flavor combinations. Free of dairy, eggs, nuts and soy, eat them any time of day for an extra serving of fruits and vegetables. Check it out here.

Bob’s Red Mill Muesli Cups

These single-serving cups are ideal for those resolving to save time and eat better in the new year. Available in original, tropical and Paleo varieties, these unprocessed cereals can be enjoyed hot or cold, with milk or yogurt. Along with being versatile, these cups are quick to prepare and perfect to take on the go.

Check out the price on Amazon. 

Barbara’s Berry Burst Protein Puffins Cereal

This yummy cereal containing naturally sweet grains provides a burst of protein in every bite. The whole family will clamor for the hearty crunchy goodness of this vegan and non-GMO cereal made with wholesome ingredients.

Check out the price on Amazon. 

Birch Benders Pumpkin Spice Paleo Pancake Mix

You can’t go wrong with this couldn’t-be-simpler mix that combines two of our favorite things—pumpkin spice and pancakes! Just add water and satisfy your pumpkin craving with fantastically fluffy pancakes made with good-for-you ingredients including pure pumpkin, buttermilk brown sugar and freshly ground spices.

Check out the price on Amazon.

Just Egg

Made from mung beans, Just Egg scrambles and tastes just like eggs, and is free of antibiotics and cholesterol. Formulated without eggs, dairy or gluten, you can enjoy Just Egg on its own, use it to make French toast or even add it to fried rice. Check it out here.


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