Product Roundup: 10 New Gluten-Free Foods and Beverages for Spring

During a Gluten-Free Living Facebook Live event on March 1, the GFL team gave their first impressions of hot new foods in the gluten-free world. Some gems were discovered and devoured along the way, as taste testers found products that will carry them through the new season with a spring in their step. Watch the video to hear their thoughts and check out the list of products mentioned and where to find them. 

Watch the video to hear their thoughts and check out the list of products mentioned and where to find them.

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Click here for our roundup of gluten-free foods from the last Facebook Live the team did. 

1. True Made Foods Pitmaster Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce

Once grilling season comes around, this BBQ sauce may become a new staple. It has 70 percent less sugar than leading brands because it’s naturally sweetened with tomatoes, butternut squash, carrots and spinach. There is no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or preservatives in the bottle, so this sauce is a guilt-free one. It’s also Paleo friendly, non-GMO and, of course, gluten free. Buy it here.


2. Becca’s Gourmet Goodies Champagne Marshmallows

In our last Facebook Live event, taste testers sampled sandwich cookies from this Colorado gluten-free bakery. Today, marshmallows were the star of the show. These have only five ingredients and will quickly become a staple. They’re dairy free and soy free, so anyone can indulge in these soft, sugary confections or use them in baking. Buy them here.

3. Bobo’s Stuff’d Oat Bites

Since Bobo’s Toast’r Pastries got a thumbs up from tasters during our last event, we gave these oat bites a shot, and they did not disappoint. The new vegan treats come in classic flavor combinations and are exquisite crumbled over yogurt or ice cream. They’re soy free and each soft, chewy bite contains 170 calories. Buy them here. 


4. Sante Bourbon Pecans, Chocolate Almonds and Pumpkin Spice Pecans 

Few naturally gluten-free snacks are as versatile as nuts. They go beautifully on a salad, in granola, on yogurt or just eaten by the handful as a snack. These all-natural nuts feel like a true treat. They’re peanut free and have no cholesterol, GMOs or trans fat. They’re roasted in small batches, making them crunchy, and seasoned with pure, all-natural ingredients, making them tasty and a bit addictive.  The bourbon pecans were a crowd favorite, with their light coating of pure cane sugar and the irresistible bourbon and vanilla. Buy them here. 


5. TAJA Coconut Water

Fresh and filtered, this coconut water comes straight from the coconut and isn’t made from concentrate. The only ingredient is natural coconut water, keeping it pure and unadulterated. Taja doesn’t expose the coconut water to air, so all the nutrients remain in the water, which is crystal clear. Each bottle has 60 calories and contains potassium, calcium and magnesium. Buy them here. 

6. No Sugar Aloud Golden Cake Mix and Brownie Mix

These “just add water” mixes make a scrumptious way to sate your sweet tooth during the day in just 90 seconds. They are packed with protein, low in sugar and easy to prepare. Baking cups and lids are included, so there’s no clean-up needed, and the cups can be microwaved or baked in an oven. The package also includes decorative frosting and coconut flakes or chocolate chips to sprinkle on top, polishing off this decadent treat. Each cake contains 220 to 230 calories. Buy them here. 

7. MinusCal Bars

A chocolatey bar that has negative calories? It sounds too good to be true. MinusCal uses all-natural Choleve to block absorption of fat, claiming to boost weight loss efforts, control cravings and fast track weight loss results. Choleve is a fermented tea extract that blocks absorption of fat. The bars are chewy and flavorful, plus packed with protein and fiber. Buy them here. 

8. Setton Farms Pistachio Chewy Bites

Another healthy snack to grab while hiking this spring, these dairy-free bites are a great source of dietary fiber and protein. The Pistachio and Plums variety has date nectar and a touch of lemon, creating a well-balanced flavor. Each packages contains more than 50 percent pistachios, zero trans fat and no cholesterol and is heart healthy. Buy them here. 


9. Spindrift Sparkling Water 

Sparkling water continues to delight those who are avoiding soda in favor of a healthier option. This lime flavored one contains 4 percent juice and contains 4 calories per can. It has no sugar added but tastes pleasant and flavorful. Buy them here. 

10. Monster Meli’s Cookies

This cookie line just hit Walmart, as the Texas-based bakery begins to expand. The cookies are naturally gluten free, made with rolled oats and natural chocolate products. They are soft, chewy and one of the best gluten-free cookies you’ll ever taste. Buy them here. 

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