Pizza in a Box

A few months ago, our local pizza place started offering a gluten-free pizza. I must have received at least a dozen “did you know” texts or phone calls about the gluten-free pizza, which is very sweet and I appreciated every single one.

They are the individual pizzas and toppings are encouraged. The problem is that I need two of them because my celiac and I can each polish off an individual pizza. Our every Friday night tradition of pizza and salad is getting expensive…it’s getting up to $50 for what used to be our cheap and always popular stand by dinner.

Last Friday, I had made stuffed Portobello mushrooms. I was looking forward to them because they had sweet Italian sausage, bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, good marinara sauce and a sprinkling of mozzarella on top. But, kids were coming in and going out and “yuck” was the universal answer to my suggested dinner plan.

I basically just pleaded with my husband to order pizza to feed the heathens and then we could open a bottle of wine and have our own dinner in peace.

My husband started dialing but said he was only ordering a regular pizza because there was a gluten-free pizza crust in the freezer plus all the ingredients in the fridge.

We both saw the reaction of our celiac, crestfallen is a total understatement. “But we don’t have pepperoni,” he said. It was just one of those moments where once again, he was different and couldn’t have something because he has celiac disease.


I looked at my husband and caved, “Just order him a pizza with pepperoni.”

“It’s going to be close to $15 just for his and the one we make here is actually better,” he says.

“But, it doesn’t come in a box and you just wouldn’t understand. As a celiac, you never get a pizza in a box…just order the pizza,” I said.

He did and the kids happily scarfed up their pizza and wandered out hither and thither to all of their activities and my husband and I had a great dinner just the two of us.

Pizza in a box, I think we all know that it makes a difference.


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2 thoughts on “Pizza in a Box

  1. Amen! I am so happy that I have 2 pizza places with gf pizza to choose from. Now if I can only get my gluten eating kids to like the regular pizza there, I’ll have it made! But they’re old enough to order and pay on their own, while I go pick up mine. Still have a problem with trusting it will be made correctly if I’m not there. I want to make sure the 16 yo taking the order understands what I need.

  2. Amen to that! Garlic Jim’s here in So Cal is my new ‘go-to’ for emergency dinners! Their gluten-free pizzas are kept in a dedicated fridge, prepared on a dedicated counter and cooked in their own oven! They are also the perfect solution to class parties, birthday parties, etc., where pizza is being served. Pizza in a box, it’s almost better than a double-double, protein style…maybe a little neater!

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