One Year Blog Anniversary

When we were slogging our way through a website redesign way back in 2007-2008, I kept saying to my partners Ann and Amy that we “had to blog.” True confessions, I didn’t read blogs during that time frame and I had zero rational for my insistence on adding a blog to our new website.

I stumbled through a blogspot set up, linked it to the correct webpage and we lurched forth into social media. One year later, we have close to 100 postings of our gluten-free lives. We use and love Twitter and are attempting Facebook. That is a big accomplishment for us…none of us grew up with our noses in a computer screen 24/7. In fact, “24/7” wasn’t even a concept for any of us growing up!

I hope we have added some gluten-free levity in some of these posts and perhaps a touch of gluten-free sanity in others. Many of the posts have been informative and one or two of mine were really lame. We have shared, certainly in my case, some gluten-free foibles like the time I accidentally unplugged the bread machine with a loaf of bread half way through the process to save energy or the lady sneezing all over the pre-washed greens.

Back in August 2008, I told Amy that I had a list of ten ideas for blogs because I was nervous about coming up with a weekly topic. That seems so funny to me now. This blog is such a natural extension of my gluten-free life today. Whenever I am deep into my blackberry, thumb typing away, one of my kids will tease me by saying something like “don’t bug mom, she’s busy blogging right now.”


Amy has educated our readers on many different topics from the rise and fall of the Starbucks GF cake, to some troubling “facts” in EH’s book, to a gluten-free cookie dough fundraiser, to life with a college bound celiac. Our most reluctant blogger has been Ann, but she has added some great stories about her mother’s 90’s birthday, traveling to speaking engagements, trips to see the grandkids and gaining perspective from watching Slumdog Millionaire.

So, thanks to Ann and Amy for believing me when I said that “we had to blog” and for sharing pieces of your lives with me. Thank you to everyone else who has read our postings this year. We love your comments and look forward to them. We are up to our eyeballs right now getting our next issue finished so blogging may take a back seat for the next two weeks, but we will continue posting the exciting and the ordinary tidbits from our gluten-free living for the forseable future!

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