New Gluten-Free Nourish Snacks Available at Starbucks



Need a snack to go with your venti Starbucks coffee? The chain recently announced 3400 retail locations are now selling gluten-free Nourish Snacks.

The Nourish Snacks, created by NBC TODAY Show nutrition expert Joy Bauer, are also non-GMO and dairy free.nourish-snacks

Three flavors will be available at Starbucks locations:

  • Chili’n in the Corn’r: Made with roasted non-GMO corn and citrus-chili flavorings
  • Mocha-Mazing: Made with cocoa-dusted almonds, dark chocolate chips and mocha-flavored granola
  • Berry’d Treasure: Made with blueberries, apples, apricots and granola


Each package has less than 200 calories. The snacks began appearing in Starbucks locations across the country last week.



This latest offering isn’t the only gluten-free snack the chain offers. As of fall 2014, the chain also resumed selling gluten-free KIND bars due to customer demand.

Gluten-free La Boulange Marshmallow Dream Bars are also available in many Starbucks pastry cases. Customers should ensure they purchase these goods in their original packaging to prevent cross contamination, however. (Sometimes the bars will be unwrapped for display, but they do arrive individually wrapped in stores and should be available for sale in their original packaging.)

Note that products vary by location, and not all Starbucks may offer all (or any) of these snacks.

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One thought on “New Gluten-Free Nourish Snacks Available at Starbucks

  1. I love that they’re carrying more GF options. But I have to say, to me, if I’m grabbing coffee, I want something that goes with coffee (not corn nuts or a nut bar – no matter how much I love KIND bars). I wish they’d carry some sort of pastry or baked good. They should really look into Liz Lovely. I think that would be a great partnership.

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